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The Tea Party Movement

The Tea Party movement is a conventional and open-minded political movement in America. It has been supporting political aspirants since 2009. It mainly seeks ways to stimulate the government to reduce government spending, taxes, the federal budget deficit and the national debt. The name of the movement derived from the protest against the British tax on tea in1977. The Tea Party movement is not a national political party but only a movement involving people from different political backgrounds. However, the Tea Party movement participants are considered republicans due to their tendency to support or have affiliations with Republican Party leaders. The Tea Party movement supporters are more likely to be male, married and older than 45 years of age. They are also termed as more conservative and more educated.

Occupy Wall Street movement is a movement that has been established recently, in 2011. It has spread to over 100 cities in the United States. The movement is an online resource, which seeks to educate people and provide relevant information to them to assist in the fight against social injustices. The Occupy Wall Street movement’s fast and vast spread is attributed to the fact that members are able to make their contributions online. Information is available to members and participants online. It is a group that provides a base of support for resistance movements all over the world. The members apply a united decision making tool, which they term as the people’s assembly. The people’s assembly has established a platform where people from local communities can share their experiences, ideas, and general, relevant information on how to combat against societal injustices. This platform has proved to be highly effective since the combined ideas of people from diverse backgrounds have served to bring some of the greatest ideas and decisions against social injustices.

Occupy Wall movement has made it its mandate to make technology, knowledge and culture accessible to all. The membership of Occupy Wall Street movement comprises mainly of young people because of their techno savvy nature. This generation has taken much into technology as compared to their older adherents. This nature has led to the generation being more informed and able to use technology to share information across diverse geographical areas. The fact that information is shared online has, therefore, defined the age bracket of the people involved in the networking. However, reports point out that the trend is fast changing. This is because the older people become accustomed to embracing technology. They are increasingly getting involved in online activities like the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The Tea Party movement was established as an anti-tax movement. There were even cases of activists sending tea bags to government officials to remind authority about their ideas to improve the social situation in the country. They were against the taxes imposed on tea. They protested against this move by the country's legislators. The Occupy Wall Street movement was started  by women. They based their protests on the fact that they were oppressed and not given equal opportunities with their male counterparts. The sharing of experiences between the gay in the society and women has helped people in the society liberate themselves from avoidable social injustices. The fact that the sharing and expression of ideas is done in a non- coercive and leaderless environment has made the people’s assembly to be a free platform for sharing ideas.  Heather Gautney (2011) attributes the Occupy Wall Street movement popularity as it permits free movement of information that is without the need for patenting, free movement of people who oppose to policed immigration.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is not only concerned with political issues. The issues they protest against are cut across world poverty, uneven development, debt, neoliberalism and environmental concerns. Other issues include legal, food outreach, professionals, security and medical or working groups. The movement has had a significant impact on many Americans. The movements’ activities led to the introduction of the gay rights, which according to the Americans has liberated their sexuality. The protests have brought results considering gender’s policy. It has changed the way women were treated and perceived in the society. However, the Tea Party movement has been considered to be mere political because of its perceived affiliations with the republicans. The movements’ members are also known to stand against diverse issues affecting the members of the public especially environmental issues.

The Tea Party movement has had a particularly great impact on the United States politics, and it still does play a role in the country's politics. It has been associated with the political campaigns of some candidates especially the republicans like Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, Dick Armey and Erick Cantor and Michele Bachmann. In 2007, the Tea Party supports held an event, which was used to raise funds for Ron Pauls’ presidential campaign. Their project on different issues affecting the country’ citizens and political issues have had a significant impact on governors. This is because the legislators are aware of being controlled. They are, therefore, more careful of every decision they make realizing that their mistakes will face opposition and spark protests by movements and groups like the Tea Party movement that have strong followings.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has also shaped the politics of the country and the political process in general. This is because it has created a platform where people from different groups, different backgrounds can easily access information. The information obtained therein has influenced the political decisions American citizens make. They have an opportunity to elect people based on their track performance and solid information contrary to the past where people used to do it depending on their instincts. Today’s leaders face the task of ensuring whatever decisions they make. This is because such movements try to ensure that their demands are met, and the governmental decisions are made for the citizens best interests. The movements reflect the voice of the people because they represent a sizeable percentage of the total citizens. This explains why most candidates who are affiliated to these movements tend to be successful in their political careers.

An excellent example is Sarah Palin who is termed as the symbolic leader of the Tea Party movement. Affiliation to the movements sends the message that the leader supports what the people believe in and is ready to work towards accomplishing their demands. However, some other citizens do not approve their activities. A poll done in 2010 revealed that 47% of the Americans did not support the Tea Party movement (Barstow, 2010). A point to note is that regardless of numerous oppositions to them, movements become an intense part of people’s day to day lives.                                             

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