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The Obesity Society

Obesity commonly reported lifestyle disorder that is said to have no cure. This is a chronic condition that is caused by excessive body fat. It is possible to acquire this disease when you gain a lot of unnecessary weight, and then you are unable to burn the same amount of calories earned. There are definitely very many causes of this particular disease that occur both in children, and in adults. Well, the body needs a particular amount of fat in the body in order to function normally, and this also varies with individuals. In women, the quantity of fat should be between 25% and 30%. In men, the quantity should be between 18% and 23% .With these average figures, then a man with over 25% and a woman with over 30% is considered to be obese (Heymsfield et al. 525).

Again, from the current research, at least a third of the total American population is obese or overweight. There have been enormous conflicting views from popular scholarly journals on whether obesity should be considered to be a disease. There has not been any valid prove to support any of the arguments that have been proposed. Although obesity is not the only public health problem, it would be wrong to label it as a disease from the traditional point of view, because it does not meet the reasonable criteria for such diseases.

This disorder is a serious health dilemma that is directly harmful to one’s health. For instance, in America, 300,000 deaths occur per year with the major cause being obesity. When an individual is suffering from this disorder, they are exposed to greater chances of being infected by a number of chronic diseases. These include the Insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, cancer, among others (Manson et al. 885). The fat cells in the body are mainly responsible for the insulin resistance more than the muscle cells, and this is why this is a major cause of obesity. The insulin resistance state can always last for so many years, and when the pancrease is no longer able to produce the high levels of insulin, the blood glucose levels begin to rise, which finally results to type 2 diabetes. From the medical report, it is also evident that, during the period when there is insulin resistance, there will also be the hardening of the arteries, which is also a complication of this disease.

Among the older obese individuals, the common complications that they suffer from are High blood pressure, heart attack, and cancer issues. As the body weight increases among the women, so does their risk of their blood pressure. The report also showed that the risk is greater in women than in men. The same case applies to women whose BMI is greater than 29. These individuals suffer a great risk of undergoing death from the coronary heart disease (Williamson et al. 178). With the first heart attack, there is increased risk of a preceding one to occur if obesity is the underlying disorder. Obesity is also associated with posing a great risk to cancer infection. It is linked to causing colon cancer in both men and women. Due to estrogen increase in the blood stream, the women are also at greater risk of being infected with breast cancer, especially in their postmenopausal stages.

At present, it is clear than apart from overeating and physical inactivity, there are several other underlying factors that contribute to obesity. One of these factors is the genetic component. If one or more parents have the history of being obese, then an individual will stand the chance of having their hormones being infected, and tamper with the fat regulation. Foods that are high in fat and sugars have been known to have a high fat content, hence contribute to great weight gain (Droyvold et al. 340). A diet that has excessive carbohydrate levels will in turn lead to increased glucose levels that stimulate the insulin release by the pancreases. This process eventually leads to the growth of fat tissues, which cause weight gain.

The reason why more women are at the risk of being obese is the fact that, they have fewer muscles than the men. For this particular reason, they have slower metabolic rates than men, and in the same manner, weight loss is more difficult. People lose their muscles as they progress in age, and their metabolic levels slow down. This happens more often if an individual does not reduce their caloric intake. In the hopes of reaching the average body weights, the individuals may be forced to adapt a strenuous diet. After some time, there might be some remarkable weight loss recognized, but it usually returns quickly (Yuker and Allison 250). This is why a more lasting solution to treat obesity should be not being administered in short-term basis, but it should be an ongoing life-long process.

Individuals should not attach more meaning to gaining an ideal weight as a way of treating obesity, but the overall goal should be to reach and maintain a healthier weight, for a longer time. Scientists have made efforts of improving the medication and treatment of this disorder (Heymsfield et al. 557). Their main target is to have a better and safer way to deal with this problem. At the moment, there is no proven treatment for obesity that is considered to be instant, but it is rather a gradual process. This is achieved by a long-life of proper diet and regular exercise. Medication is given to those patients whose risk of having obesity is greater than the potential side of healing safely.

In conclusion, it is important for every individual to try and maintain their ideal body weight by balancing their food consumption and calories needed by their body. The health of a person is determined by what they eat, hence, it is important to keep checking the amounts and quality of foods that one eats. This habit should be practiced in all age groups to prevent the occurrence of obesity and its complications among the citizens.

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