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The Articles of Confederation

Strengths of the Articles of Constitution

The articles of confederation provided the fundamental principles that facilitated peaceful negotiations between members of the Continental Congress and their counterparts from Great Britain. The fact that the articles had provided a framework through which all the 13 individual states that constituted America could voice their demands in unison was enough to attract attention from Great Britain (Harrigam 1984).

The provisions of the articles of the articles of confederation enhanced payment of the war debts.  Through the established government, it was easy to find the necessary funds that were used in settling the costs of the revolutionary war.This would not have not been easy without the willingness of the citizens, a requirement that was met by the articles of confederation (Michael 1982).


By allowing the member states to retain their sovereignity, freedom and independence, the powers of the central government had been greatly undermined (Michael 1982). The member states had power over the tax they collected. This in essence left the central government devoid of funds needed in running the activities under it, considering that it was in charge of the military whose budget is usually high.

Failure to establish the judicial and executive arms of the government ideed called for immediate review of the articles of confederation. The members who were appointed from the member states to serve these functions through the committees that were constututed were not sufficient. Lastly, the fact that any ammendment to the Articles of Constitution called for a unanimous vote of all the 13 states. It was hard to pass ammendments to the Articles since getting all the 13 states to agree on an issue that required urgent address was not easy at all.

Strengths and weaknesses of the Constitution

The Constitution created a strong centralised government that is responsive to the will of the people. A strong centralised government is what United States required as had been identified by the founding fathers. It provides a clear fframwork through which all matters of national interest are effectively addressed and eliminates occassions of ambiguity of roles of offices the Federal Government and those of the states. The Constititution ws drafted in a very professional manner that it is easy to follow and hence draw the guidelines on various aspects of life and leadership.

Although the constitution cannot be said to be without any weakness, it is only those people who wanted the individual states to have more powers that highly criticized the constitution. This was however overtaken by time after they too realized the fruits of the constitution.

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