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Selected Political Writings

Mahatma Gandhi’s concept of Non-violence as it is commonly referred as Satyagraha. Satyagraha can be broken down by meaning as Satya; which is truth equals love, and agraha; which is force. The two themes which were central to his political writings; the power of non-violence (Satyagraha) and freedom (Swaraj), the two values are achievable when a person or a group practices patience, love, tolerance and compassion against their enemies. The enemies can be political and religious extremists or just a group subjected to social prejudices such as racism, tribalism or religious intolerance.

The value of non-violence encompasses resolving or engaging your enemy or opponent with love unlike engaging your enemy or opponent with anger, resentment which might result to violence and consequently a destructive behavior which might even circum one or a group to untimely death. The opponent or enemy should be handled with love. He clearly succinct that violence is not the solution to many conflicts in our society, but how we let the effects of our emotion height to get the best of us. An instance of negative feelings or emotions such as hatred, resentment and vengeance tends to cloud our judgment and therefore resort to violence as a tool for conflict resolution.

The disconnection of today’s society with the value of non-violence ‘Satyagraha’ has seen lives being lost as witnessed in the recent uprising in the Middle East and the North Africa regions. Leadership based on aristocracy, where a nation or country is under the favor of the few who misuse national resources or abuse power for their own selfish end. In an effort to advocate for a fair society, the radical leaders who are pioneering or mobilizing the change are responsible to oversee and understand that the concept of Satyagraha as a philosophical system is embraced in a balanced effort by both the political leaders at the helm of leadership and the citizen advocating for change. Non-violence is not only ethically superior to violence but stronger as well.

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