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What was the "social and intellectual context" of the Progressive Movement?

The progressive movement had several goals among them eliminating corruption in the government.  They did this by exposing and undercutting political bosses and machines. They supported prohibition with the aim of destroying political power of local bosses. Women’s suffrage was also promoted so as to bring a purer vote in the arena. Also, they aimed at achieving efficiency in all public sectors by highlighting old ways that needed to be modernized. It is through this movement that there was the reformation of the education system, medical sector, industries and other public sectors.

How did Theodore Roosevelt change the role of American government and help fuel the expansion of the American empire?

Theodore Roosevelt peacefully intervened in the Dominican Republic where United States had exchanged their loans. This was aimed at encouraging investments of United States capital in other countries with the aim of safeguarding foreign investments. Having acquired financial power and superiority, America was able to control other nations, and as a result, expanded their empire. In other words, Theodore ensured that United States benefited from the war by taking advantage of every opportunity.

What roles did women play in the reform movement?

It was obvious that Women played a significant role in the reform movement, socially and politically throughout the Progressive Era. Women could not have done this alone, but through their activists who represented them, it was clearly evident that played a vital role in the reform movement. Apart from participating in demonstrations, and voting, they also had powerful speakers who had a great influence on people. Women like Louisa May Alcott, Dorothea Dix, and others made quite an impression in representation of the feminine gender.

Describe the election of 1912 and the progressive reforms of the Wilson administration?

In the 1992 presidential elections, there were four presidential aspirants; William Taft, nominated by the republican party, Woodrow Wilson by the democratic party, Theodore Roosevelt by the progressive party after he failed at republican nominations, and Eugene debs, who was nominated by the socialist Party of America. Woodrow Wilson won the election and became the president of United States between 1892 and 1932. It is under his leadership that the war represented a climax of the progressive movements was formed; however, some people described Wilson’s policies to be racist.

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