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Presidential Candidates 2016

The political geeks and pundits on the speculation of the 2016 presidential election have unveiled various possibilities on the possible nominees in both the Democrats and Republicans. However, it is clear that Barrack Obama will not be among Democrats presidential nominees, since he will either finishing his second term or be a discredited president due to  failure to win the 2012 elections. If a republican president is elected in 2012, all GOP (Grand Old Party) contenders will freeze out, other than incumbent. In republican, there are several candidates who are facing their last chance of being presidential nominees in 2012. These include Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. For Sarah Palin, she might be a possible candidate in 2016, since she is young, but most of the political analysts view 2012 as a ‘do or die’ situation for her. Lack of an elective office for Sarah Palin may create difficulties in her efforts to sustain public interest.

Bobby Jindal is among the most probable republican 2016 presidential nominees since he was considered an outside possibility for the 2012 republican presidential nominations. The Republican Party has over thirty potential presidential candidates in 2016 and each has different chances of winning. However, if the republicans win in 2012 all the speculations on the 2016 presidential candidates will be off. The gambling odds on the next democratic presidential candidate have various potential presidential candidates. Among the candidates on the list is Hillary Clinton but her age has been a serious concern, since democrats do not have a history of nominating old candidates. The complexity of the possibilities of 2016 presidential candidates has been compounded by the entry of Michelle Obama as a potential presidential candidate. An evaluation of the search engines provides insights of the probable republican and democrats’ candidates of the 2016 USA presidential elections.

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