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President's Speech

This work seeks to analyze the President’s State of the Union speech in January 2012. Obama’s address covered many issues that America faces nowadays, including educational, economical, international, and political aspects.

In order to open the event the President named some of the most important achievements that had been made during the previous year of his presidentship, for example, the end of the war in Iraq and the return of the American troops back home. Then he stressed the main issues that should be considered such as taxing, manufacturing, economics, education, politics, energy, innovations and army.

Speaking about the USA, the President mentioned that he wanted to see a prosperous country with strong economy, well-educated workers and happy people. It is very significant that the chief of the country can encourage every American who listens to his speech with hope and belief.

Referring to manufacturing, it should be noted that for the last 15 years most of the factories had worked at half power or had not worked at all. But these days American manufacturing rises up, General Motors is on top in auto-making as it was before, Chrysler and Ford take first positions in producing high-quality output. Also President Obama said that the whole industry offered nearly 160 thousand jobs. This is a huge progress in the manufacturing of the United States.

As regards tax reform, one should say that it is a principal and needful reform not only in America, but in every country that wants to have economical stability. If one wants to run a business that outsource a significant amount of work, they should not get tax deduction. When American companies move their profits and jobs overseas they should pay all the taxes for doing it. The Presidents said that the main task for the following year was to increase job offerings by lowering taxes for the companies that work and produce in the USA. Obama promised to sign the tax reforms that defend the interests of America right away.

The next important thing is to make selling products over the world easier. This can be accomplished by opening new markets for the American output. The President declared that the Trade Enforcement Unit was created to be in charge of unfair trading. The chief of the country assured that America would always lead in industrial productiveness.

As manufacturing develops, the needed number of skilled workers should be prepared. The President challenged people to join him in the national duty to train 2 million workers so that they could obtain data management or high-tech manufacturing skills that lead straight to a job. He said that this is the time for the stagnating system of employment to transform into the one that brings real work places.

Another significant problem the President referred to was the system of education. Many useful reforms can be signed and passed but the education is the main source of healthy economy and prosperous future for the whole country. Obama admitted that teachers matter, as sometimes they use their own money to supply school and make the difference for the students. He also considers that if young people stay in high school till the time they turn 18 or graduate they have more opportunities to finish their education and not walk away from getting it.

Higher education usually costs a lot of money and for some families this price is very high. The President asked universities and colleges to keep the price low as higher education cannot be a luxury thing. Every American should be able to get good education as the economy of a country depends on its people. Also President Obama called our attention to the problem of illegal immigration. To earn the citizenship is a big problem for those immigrants that can stay in the USA and be useful for the country. He said that he would sign a law which would help immigrant people become a part of an American society.

The oil and natural gas issues are also urgent, as well as clean energy. For the last 16 years America has used less foreign oil and there is supply of natural gas that can last 100 years. On condition that natural gas industry is developing, the USA will not need to choose betwixt the economy or environment. Speaking about clean energy, it is an industry of the future. Building and developing it will help in repairing American infrastructure.

The President mentioned many other problems such as military spending, situation in Iran and the Middle East, money in politics, global influence, and bipartisanship. Barack Obama finished his speech with great words of encouragement for Americans. George Adams once said that encouragement is oxygen to the soul. It is very good when the President cares about his people, so they know what is really going on in their country.

Every time the Republican Party chooses the governor to respond to the President’s speech, this time it was Mitch Daniels of Indiana. He said that the situation in the USA was not as great and nice as Barack Obama claimed. He also prompted people to think themselves rather than letting some ruling party do that. Republicans stood in contrast with what the President said about the State of the Union and welcomed every countryman to join them in the program of renewal.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the speech of the American President which has been analyzed in this paper is full of the information that should be known by the citizens of the USA. One can agree or disagree with the statements that the President proclaimed but there are a lot of great propositions that can provide changes for better in people’s life.

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