President Barack Obama

The core belief in our country lies in the unique strength that we can achieve anything. The belief that we are not defined by our class, our race, our religion, or our personal history. No matter what, each one of us can create a more productive and a valued future. This paper will be about leadership qualities of my role model; the U.S. president Barack Obama. 

I am particularly impressed with the U.S. president Obama and the path he aligned with innovation and best practices. Obama has changed the Americans public perception of governance.  His campaign showed a focused strategy with clear visions and values that he relentlessly pursued. This is an important lesson for any able leader. Obama adopted a hopeful and positive approach and converted his will into opportunity. He changed the paradigm of "seeing is believing" to "believe it and you will see it". He adopted the mantra of “Yes we can” and focused on opportunities on believing in available opportunities and delivered a success story.

Obama’s campaign showed the power of a focused leader with a strategy around a clear vision and values of an effective leader. These characteristics included the ability to engage with target audiences, staying hopeful, focused and being positive, able to change and be different and the ability to creating an inspirational vision and continue keep communicating it. All these are characteristics of an effective leader that Obama oozes. 

Personal strengths can be defined as the individual characteristics which are an asset to the individual. I have discovered some of these personal strengths in me. My cognitive strengths that have entailed the acquisition and use of knowledge include my original ingenuity of being creative, being able to conceptualize and do things. Another strength is my love of learning which has enabled me to master new skills and knowledge and on new adverse topics. I believe these are some of my role model’s positive attributes that he has used to his advantage and therefore his successful. 

The adage goes that if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. For one to be successful, we must plan to get what we want in life and know that we live for a purpose. To be able to plan one has to be a critical thinker. It involves an analytical way of thinking and helps us to make better decisions and plan successfully ahead. Critical thinking can be learned and improved like learning to analyze a problem and making intelligent decisions. Another important path to Personal Plan of success is to learn leadership skills. Skills are essential for people to succeed in life and work and be able to plan well. Leadership skills are essential for success not only in the workplace but wherever one puts his/her skills in. In this 21st century, these skills will help us get better prepared for an increasingly complex life and work environments and sharpen our critical thinking and problem solving qualities. Accountability can be defined as the ultimate responsibility. Trust and respect are two attributes that will help in formulating a successful team. To facilitate accountability, it is important to have defined duties, being clear with your plans and defining expectations. I believe that every person is responsible for conducting themselves responsibly so as to succeed. 


Am very much impressed with the U.S. president Obama and the path he aligned with innovation and best practices. Obama has changed the Americans public perception of governance. He is a leader whom I have chosen as my role model. His positive attributes, his charm and calm nature have inspired me a lot and awakened my personal strengths which I will use to be a great thinker. I plan to be accountable and be a leader with positive attributes, just like Obama. I hope this will awaken my leadership skills in me.

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