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Post Colonialism

Post Colonial and the Self Dependency Syndrome

This paper seeks to look at the factors that affect African nations in relation to development and improvement of their lives. The tone used by the author to explain and discuss his beliefs and views is a disappointed tone. In my view, this essay has developed a strong case that is clearly affecting the commitment to value, and freedom from post colonialism.

Modernity, modernism, and Africa’s place in history of Art in our age discusses the critical settings of the modernization project. This is connected to or entwined with creation and development of a self dependency syndrome which is related to racialism and the expansion of territories. It is important to note that modernism has a very important role in literature (Fraser 224). This is because it uncovers the factors related to the racial powers and territories. The texts used in this essay help to exemplify the modernism role in the post colonialism era.

The critical question is exactly what the author means in this essay. Well, the author tries to show colonialism effects and establish how the former colony could develop a relationship that is respectful in a world of postcolonial era. In view of this, the author tries to explore different postcolonial schools of thought in order to determine the basis and the fundamental essence of post colonialism and the dependency syndrome. The author insists, “Only when people were free to use their mental and physical capabilities to the full would they be able to improve their living conditions and develop their own modem culture’’ (Rasheed 411).

In reference to this essay, the author is motivated by his zeal to see African nation’s liberated from oppression and structures of domination. In this way, the African people will be able to develop and create their modem culture and improve their living conditions. The author believes that colonization enslaved the minds and abilities of the African people. Freedom from this slavery is the only way out. However, the author is aware that modernism is a foreign culture which would need to importation of expertise on modernization from the colonizers. The author insists that ‘’as African nations became free, unleashing the aspirations that had been suppressed or kept under control by ongoing regimes, there was a certain upsurge of new creativity leading to modernisation of productive forces in many parts of Africa’’ (Rasheed 415).

The writer is responding to many different political events and exhibitions. The political events that the writer is responding to are related to the politics of globalization. This is because although Africa has almost all the resources required in developing their own culture and improving their lives. African nations have sought after the postcolonial identity. According to the other, the main problem is that African nations want everything that the colonizers or the western nations have. This is what the author terms as the politics of globalization. He insists, ‘the point is that it is not lagging behind in acquiring what is required for a modem consumer society’’ (Rasheed 417).

Critics have questioned the validity of the evidence used by the author to defend his argument and termed it as unrealistic. However, the author believes that it is not right for Africa to desire things and products that are produced by the west yet African nations can or have the power to invent and produce similar or better products in Africa. The author uses this fact as his evidence. In this way, the author stresses that African nations are free from colonialism but are still enslaved with post colonialism (Orwell 310). The author insists that art is a unique creation, perception and ability to innovate and create unique products. African nations should be aware that the history of art in our days has its place in the modernism and modernity of the Africans and the African nations. The author suggests that Africa’ “has modern factories, aero planes, airlines, the latest cars, busses and lories, radios and color TV’s, video players, computers and mobile phones’’ (Rasheed 413).

The author’s tone in this essay is a disappointing yet a direct tone. It is clear from the author’s tone that he is disappointed with the fact that African nations still embrace modernity which came because of colonization. The author suggests and believes that modernity enslaves the African people to the colonialism administration. He also suggests that the only way for African nations to obtain total freedom from the colonizers is to get free from oppression and domination of such structures. He insists that “what is really interesting is the paradox that overturned the crude ambition of political power ‘’ (Rasheed 417).

In my understanding of art history, every artist has certain possibilities to choose from. This does not mean that all things are possible in the artistic world. However, vision is very important in art history. This is because any deviation from the vision will interest of the work from its primary focus. This can be related to modernity and modemism. It took a time and struggle in order for Africa to get independence.  However, the crude ambition from the colonial era has affected the African vision. In this way, African nations have remained enslaved even after independence.

Therefore, Post colonialism is a cultural and contemporary political theory. The word “post” is used to symbolize a certain or particular moment or time in history. This period entails experiences from the decolonization and colonialism periods. The author believes that Africa’s post colonialism has had a major impact on Africa’s cultural values, cultural analysis and the current modes. Post colonialism has not only challenged the artistic practices and art but has also greatly influenced political processes, economic processes and history, as well. This means that Post colonialism has affected globalization in a great way. However, globalization theories have their fundamental roots from the theories related to post colonial era. In this regard, it is clear that modernity is a discourse that tires to address and answer questions related to globalization. This simply means that the author’s arguments about the same are not only convincing but are also very important when considering the effects of globalization (Chabal 230).

Therefore, art and history is interconnected to the post colonialism and the self dependency syndrome. This is because post colonialism is connected and related to colonialism histories. The new art challenges do not take in to consideration the political dimensions that are related to post colonialism. This essay not only provides a sense and creativity of art but also present arts history from its very roots. These historic disciplines emerge from contemporary debates and the late eighteenth century (Orwell 510). The author clearly shows that politics of globalization and philosophical assumptions have their roots from the historical and visual aspects. The author has a strong case against discipline, commitment to value and sets of beliefs. The author also suggests a positive approach to visual culture methodologies.


This essay has uncovered many different art works that draw and attract interest in the post colonialism era. It is a representation of a value system which critical in art work. The issues raised in this essay not only symbolize the post colonial dependency state but also symbolizes introduction a system related to foreign value.

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