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Politics in America


Political Parties Educate the Public about Policy Issues Only!

The suggestion that political parties educate the public about policy issues only is false. This is because the concept also covers broad aspects of decision making and analyzes issues in the government. Apart from policy issues, political parties have a wide range of responsibilities towards the public, which include provision of academic discipline. This enables students to participate in political activities that involve issues of public policy and social sphere regulation. These issues range from economic matters and public management to program evaluation, sociology, and political economy.

Dealignment Occurs when One Party Supplants Another as The Dominant Party in a Political System.

The term Dealignment implies party erosion that cause abandonment of a party from the side of its electorate. It is true that this situation can occur in any electoral system. It also applies in this case when one party supplants the other as a dominant party in the political system. For instance, dealignment occurs when majority of citizens began to prefer one party, Democratic party, for example, to Republican, which positions has weakened.

If a dealignment occurs, it results in such consequences as voting for various parties and candidates from different offices, therefore, in a voters’ outflow. This situation also leads to the high cost of the political campaigns.

The New Media Like Facebook and Twitter Attacked Hillary and Sarah Viciously and Endlessly According to Finlay and Fiorina.

This statement that the new media Facebook and Twitter attacked Hillary and Sarah viciously and endlessly is true. This occasion was evident when these particular social media were spreading news about how Hillary Clinton, who supported Anita Finlay, had decided to defend Sarah Palin. These media went ahead claiming that the sexist treatment endured both Palin and Clinton.

According to Finlay, sexism has turned out to be a rampant act in politics and has been happening in both parties. Finlay claims that she would be a hypocrite when she supported a woman from democrats against misogyny, and overlooked the one from the Republican Party. According to Finlay and Fiorina, this act could be not fair or correct, because the information did not come from genuine sources. Finlay recounts how the social media released 25, 000 government emails of Sarah, which were supposed to be smear on the Hilary’s reputation (Brogan, 1954). On the contrary to what they expected, the content of the emails had nothing weird, but portrayed how she worked hard as an executive and her excellent leadership traits.

The Democratic Party Formed out of The Pieces of Various other Parties, Coalescing around Opposition to Slavery in the Kansas and Nebraska Territories.

This is true, because this opposition party had different application in the US congress history. In the congress, it acted as the famous party while, in the south, it reflected the third party. The democratic efforts that aimed at expanding slavery to the West territories led to an organized political opposition. This situation led to coalescing of the opposing parties in the congress.

Performance in Debates Can Sway Partisan Liberals and Conservatives.

The statement is true. The reason is that the liberal bias is a selection of the partisan that involve information that concurs with the liberal policies. For instance, the performance in debates can sway conservatives’ and liberals’ partisans when they involve activities, such as selecting distorted information that tend to affect the liberal policies in the debate. The essence of liberal bias in a debate results in dismissing of all opposing views. This can sway conservatives in a way that they uphold freedom to express themselves ideologically. Many individuals claim that although they may oppose a liberal view in a debate, they remain conservative not to mention it with faith that truth shall overcome the false.


How Does the New Social Media Affect 2012 Public Opinion?

The new social media affect the 2012 public opinion in a way that it converts followers into voters through the presidential debates aired on TV. In 2012, the social media have invented approaches in which they enter the candidate’s information, and pictures online. This tends to affect how the majority of individuals will cast their votes after they view their profiles and how people comment their posts. Sixty percent of people, who use the social media, expect candidates to be available on social media forums and sites. This is according to the digital survey conducted in October 2011, which portrays the effect of the social media. It claims that 40 percent of the candidate’s information on the social sites determines their votes.

According to the study by social vibe in May 2011, 94 percent of people, who use the social media and eligible to vote, watch political messages on social media. After watching, they tend to affect the public opinion when they spread the similar political message to approximately 39 percent of their colleagues. Colleagues further go ahead and share the same information with 130 individuals who access the social sites. This intends to pass a message that the level of engagement determines how a candidate can be successful through the social media. The number of supporters or followers that a candidate has on Facebook or Twitter is not vital, when contrasted to the number of people who spread the message of the candidate by sharing with their friends. The attention on how the social media respond depends with the manner in which the candidate presents him or herself. This response adds credit and convinces the public to vote for him or her.

The use of social networks also affects the 2012 public opinion in a way that people use the network to prove claims of the potential leader. They evaluate the quality of information, which helps them to choose a suitable leader who suits their votes. The campaigns in 2012 rely on the social sites to determine how the public will vote because people organize their own social sites that pose questions to candidates. The social media also affects the public opinion through the direct persuasion. This implies that parties and leaders will engage digital technologies more often. This can create a positive effect on a candidate’s campaign, because, in such a way, he will involve people in his campaign by addressing issues that affect them, such as taxes, through the social media.

What is the Role of Third Parties in 2012?

The role of third parties, who are also popular as independent candidates, in 2012 is to make the elections unpredictable and fascinating. The third parties tend to face enormous barriers, such as difficulty in raising money for campaigns and media attention. However, this makes them stronger to ensure that the campaign is running smoothly. Third parties provide information that focus on possible alternatives when consulting with the public. The third party plays a role of facilitating effective leadership through increasing the number of voters.

The third party acts as an alternative to the leading parties, especially in 2012, where there is the possibility that it will offer the best presidential candidate in the elections. The third party candidates stand in positions outside the political establishment, which majority of citizens, especially in the US, prefer. Therefore, people can vote for them. This is because they tend to speak for the majority of citizens by offering a different perspective of turning words into actions. A credible third party suits for the 2012 votes because citizens look forward for alternatives and changes. The third parties will play a vital role in 2012 bringing politics in order to save it from disintegrating.

What is the Effect or Impact of Ticket-Splitting Upon the 2012 General Elections?

The effects of ticket spiting upon the 2012 general elections are that it leads to tactical voting, which enables the voter to change decision when voting for the preferable candidate. For instance, when the voter prefers the first candidate but does not trust him, he switches his mind to the alternative. The favorable candidate may be from a different political party but appears to be more competitive than the rest. In the 2012 general elections, ticket splitting might lead to elections that incorporate multiple systems in voting.

This happens when a voter selects a leader from a minority based on proportional representation. The voter may also select another leader from a large party in the office based on the first past post system.

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