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Political Vs Moral Issues

Even though political and the moral issues seems to be intertwined and partly dependent on another, it is good to note the self sustenance nature of any form of political assistance. Any political assistance to the people involves seeking to work for their common good. Politically, ever state has an obligation to commit itself to satisfying the preferences and interests of its citizens in a continuous process. On the other hand moral support emphasizes impartial principles like our relationship and interdependence with one another. Basic to moral assistance is the partial commitment to other people. It is founded on caring which involves responding to particular circumstance or situation and a desire to maintain peaceful coexistence with one another. It highlights the importance of sensitivity, concern for others and emotional responsiveness in shaping moral life. It stresses the importance of educating people on moral issues to enable them have a sense of caring for others.

To help people politically therefore entails empowering the citizens to know their rights to enable them hold the state and its leaders responsible the. This will compel the political leaders to work towards achieving the common good of the people. It can be done at the global, regional, national or even the local level. Political assistance is not favor that is done to people as in the case of moral help, but it is an individuals right to be assisted politically.

The individual citizens’ role in the process is enormous noting that the conflict between the common goods and self interested goods arise in any political process. One must therefore seek to be vigilant in the political arena to address the rights of the citizens at all levels. The citizens must be encouraged to participate in every political process like voting process. High level of participation in political processes enable them to remove the self centered leaders from the office and replace them with those who seek to achieve the common goal of the entire society.

On the other hand any form of moral assistance is normally provided by the relief aid agents (NGOs) has been accused of being diluted with self interest and politics. Many of such organizations have their major focus on the situations and activities that would ensure their place in the industry. It therefore impacts negatively on the state of the vulnerable who is usually used as a means to access the donor funds. Such agencies normally have no well established sustainable programs designed to meet the intended purpose f the funds. Every aid agency should therefore seek to address the root cause of the problem or situation but most of them operate on a temporary basis.

Political assistance therefore provides results that are self sustaining because politics is concern with obligations which are well prescribed and are enforced within a legal order. Therefore the political decision makers can not ignore their obligations of serving the interest of their electorate. Any decision that they make must therefore be in line with the law. This protects it from any personal interest. Because this I true to all forms of law at whatever level the greatest role of any citizen will therefore be to keep vigil on the actions of their leaders to ensure that they act in accordance to the law and the laid down procedures and principles. Political processes therefore make their own demands and expectations on the leaders.

However, even in political arena, some politicians have used the situations such as hunger or epidemic outbreak to achieve their political goal. Such politicians wait until it is the campaign period to deliver goodies to the unfortunate in the society. In such a government system most vulnerable people have no access to resources which can enable them get out of the poverty circle. Their only tool is the law which guides any form of political assistance.

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