Political Parties

The Libertarian Party (LP)

The party was formed in the year 1972 at the party's headquarters in Westminster, Colorado. The Libertarian Party happens to be in the third position with respect to popularity of voting in regard to the U.S.A. elections, and its candidature per every election. This means that it is doing well as a result of the party's quick growth in catching up with the two major political parties (Democrat and Republican). The highest performance of the party’s representative in a presidential bid , was in 1980, where the presidential aspirant of LP, Ed Clark, garnered close to a million votes (1.06%) of the total votes.

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Libertarianism is highly embraced by the LP in seeking of protection of the American citizens. As libertarians, the party observes liberty: a country where all citizens have sovereignty over their lives and no one is to be coerced to act in a manner that benefits another person's life. The LP goes ahead in believing that an individual's respect must be withhold, and is of essence for a prosperous and free world; that fraud and force must be gotten rid off from humanity, and that it is only through an individual's freedom that prosperity and peace will co-exist. The party also believes in defending people's rights to participate in given activities peacefully and in honesty, thereby bringing the diversity entrenched in freedom. The LP visualizes a world where individuals are allowed and are free to follow their ways of life with no government interference or any statutory power.

The LP believes in a world where personal liberty is observed, hence individuals are supposed to make own decisions as far as their lives are concerned. The party is in support of freedom of expression, participation in any religious activity of a person's given choice, safety of homes, property and persons with coherent personal relationships.

As to the abortion, the LP believes that this matter should not be dealt with the government but the affected parties have to seek for some consent over the issue. Moreover, they are deeply convinced that government must enhance criminal justice in protecting lives, property, and liberty. The LP recognizes the use of self-defense against aggression.

The libertarians believe in a world where property rights are given recognition. If to speak about humanity, a clean and healthy environment with adequate natural resources must be achieved; a repeal of the income tax, and removal of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other sources rendered unconstitutionally by the U.S. are to be provided. The LP supports free market banking, and amends laws that will create more employment opportunities. The party believes that individuals can form corporations and other entities on voluntary basis; that to achieve quality in education, all market forces must be open and free According to their opinion, the government should not take responsibility in retirements, except for the individual himself. The LP believes in the existence of an army that will seek to support the U.S.A. against aggression, and that internal intelligence must have sufficient know- how in order to maintain domestic security. The LP supports a foreign policy that simulates American peace.

The LP party believes in ideas of freedom, individual rights, and property rights, unlike the other two major parties where they think, the government will resolve all the issues without embracing liberty. LP wants a government that does not take into account and define moral standards, wealth redistribution, control of the economy, division of people into religious and ethnic lines - contrary to the Democrats and Republicans. For example, in the case of abortion, the LP Supports the affected parties to resolve the issue while the Democrats and Republicans are of the policy that abortion must be controlled by the government laws and anyone purported to have done abortion, will have committed a criminal offense.

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