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Political, Legislative, and Economic Factors

Health is one of the most crucial sectors in any country's economy. Therefore, maintenance of a strong health among the members of the society is critical. In order to ensure that people live in healthy conditions, there are certain health policies that authorities have put in place. Nevertheless, various political, economic and legislative factors influence these health policies in a way.

First, there are political factors that influence health environment and practice. One of these factors is poor governance that leads to misappropriation of funds in the healthcare sector. This implies that the political leaders, as the policy makers, focus with their interests so that they focus on health areas that favor them at the expense of the citizens. For instance, political leaders can channel the health funds to other projects that favor them at the expense of the citizens’ health. Moreover, because these leaders have a lot of influence, they can dictate the way the health policies of a country are handled.

In addition, corruption is another political factor that influences health practice and environment. This is because today’s political leaders are mostly driven by greed more than a desire to improve the citizen’s health and economic status. Therefore, they engage in corrupt deals that result in favoritism and abandonment of other sectors of the economic. Because health is the most prominent sector of a country’s economy, it suffers a great deal when leaders engage in corruption. For instance, the policy makers want to be bribed in order to allow any implementation of health policies. For example, purchasing health facilities and employing additional staff is in hospitals is affected by the country’s leadership.

Furthermore, the health policies are affected by legislative factors of any society. The legislation determines the health policies that are put in place by the agencies and authorities. For example, the issue of legalization of abortion is a legislative issue that influences a state’s health policies. Another legislative issue in health practice is the purchasing of health facilities, and pricing of medicine. For instance, in order to safeguard the citizens, the legislation clearly determines the price of drugs, and checks whether they are standardized. It also ensures that the medical facilities in the country are in satisfactory condition and up to the required standard.

Additionally, legislation plays a vital role in the ensuring that the medical staff in the all the hospitals and clinics are certified and licensed to operate in the country. This also involves training and assessment that the medical students undergo before embarking on the practice itself. Besides, legislative factors ascertain that the pharmaceutical centers are run by certified pharmacists in order to ensure that the citizens’ health is intact. Therefore, legislative factors are instrumental in maintaining a strong health among the people through the implementation of various policies.

What is more, the health policies are influenced by some economic factors. These are financial factors that affect any health policy put in place. Policies made on the health sector need enough funds in order to be effectively implemented in the country.  Whenever there is a weak economy in society, the health sector is adversely affected because the implementation of certain policies is either delayed or inefficient. In fact, medical care becomes costly due to high prices of medicine, and sustenance of the medical staff. On the other hand, strong economy favors the health policies there is an effective implementation.

In conclusion, health policies are vitals in every society because they determine the nation’s health status. Nevertheless, the implementation of these policies is profoundly affected by certain factors, such as, political, economic, and legislative factors. Therefore, creation and implementation of health policies is critical in the promotion of the nation’s health status.

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