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Organization Systems of the U.S. Congress and the Executive Branch

The United States Congress is organized in a bicameral nature. That is the bicameral legislature of the federal government. Its upper house consists of the Senate, while its lower house comprises of the House of Representatives. Moreover, the U.S. Congress holds its meetings in Washington D.C.

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The U.S. Congress lays down its goals in its system of organization. For instance, in the U.S. Congress, the Congressional Black Caucus represents the black members of the Congress. Only African Americans get membership in this organization. Some of the main goals of this organization include provision of equal opportunities in education and quality healthcare facilities to the entire nation. It also aimed at providing an employment and economic security. The organization further offered justice and security for all Americans. These, among others, included some of the goals laid down by the Congress (Samuel, 2009).

The Congress also met several achievements in its organization system. One of these achievements includes the formation of the International Foundation for Education Self- Help. Reverend Leon H., intended to curb poverty and diseases among African nations. Another great achievement of the Congress includes the formation of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. This coalition aimed at fighting racism, hence, bringing different races together for the social change in America. This coalition also advocated for peace and justice around the world (Gordon, 1998).

As earlier noted, the Congress refers to the U.S. federal government’s bicameral legislature. Moreover, it consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate, both of which are chosen through the direct election process. Furthermore, the President and the Vice President head the Executive Branch. In the Executive Branch, the President gets elected for a five-year term by a popular vote. In addition, the two candidates with the most votes take part in run-off.

The Executive branch gets a more supreme outlook, as compared to the U.S. Congress. A large staff handles a wide range of administrative tasks in the White House. The President collaborates with the staff in decision-making. In addition, cabinet secretaries hold the responsibility of running their respective departments.

Being an independent body, the Congress sought a prosecutor to investigate the high-ranked members of the Executive branch. This step put the Congress at a rather risky state, since it opened itself up for the further scrutiny. This explains just but one of the consequences of the different organization systems in these two bodies. The differences brought more demerits than merits to the two organizations.

The Executive Branch bares more power in the state, since the President heads it. This also gives the organization an upper hand in the nation’s decisions. Evidences of the supremacy of the Executive Branch are well-depicted in the many court cases involving the two bodies. The executive also wins more votes and earns an upper hand in decision-making in the nation.

Both the United States Congress and the Executive Branch form the well-established organization systems. Both systems also suit the needs of the nation in different manners depending on the respective goals of each body. Furthermore, due to the differences portrayed in their organization systems, political differences surfaced. A number of these differences came about because of the differences in opinion between the two bodies. This eventually led to several court cases, most of which were won by the Executive Branch.

In conclusion, the Congress refers to a bicameral legislature of the federal government. It comprises of the Senate and the House of Representatives. However, the President and the Vice President head the Executive Branch. Both bodies possess various distinctive roles in running the nation.

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