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History inevitably judges the actions of public figures, and none more so than Andrew Jackson. As a 'war hero', he had acquired both positive and negative reputation depending on the public's viewpoint and political persuasion. I agree with his election as a President of the United States and will submit some reasons in order to justify the validity of my stated position. First of all, he represented the aspirations of the 'common people' and became the first recognized 'democrat'. To form an opinion regarding his election as a President, we need to consider his opponent John Quincy Adams who was a 'National Republican'; he represented only the elite upper class of American society. There exists an opinion that Jackson was the correct choice as a candidate as he truly represented the majority of a democratic society.  Furthermore, he was a man of courage, a war hero, and he was not afraid to oppose a Congress that prior to his Presidency had control over the previous presidents. This is validated by an excerpt from an article titled Andrew Jackson (2011) which stated the following,“Behind their accusations lay the fact that Jackson, unlike previous Presidents, did not defer to Congress in policy-making but used his power of the veto and his party leadership to assume command”.             

Perhaps another quality he possessed was the ability to stand up to the unchallenged power of the big banks as can be verified by this excerpt from the article titled American President - A Reference Resourc,”Jackson's veto message counterposed the virtuous plain people against the Bank's privileged stockholders”. Modern history confirms his wisdom in defying the leading banks if we consider the 2008 financial crisis orchestrated by the big banks.

To sum up, while it is true that big business and money are the essential components of our lives, men like Andrew Jackson can be seen as a natural counter balance to ensure a fair deal for all the people.

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