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National Security Strategy

United States of America has spearheaded the war against terrorism in the whole world. The successful campaign against terrorism calls for unity, political goodwill and long term corporation among her close associates of America across the continents. Concerted efforts by America and her allies have proven fruitful in thwarting terrorists’ activities through a number of ways for instance withdrawal of international donor aid to the nations that act as the terrorist hub. Although the American led war against terrorism records much success, there are a number of challenges faced by America and her allies in this course.

The coordinated global war against terrorism has recorded success in a number of ways. Most important of all, it has remarkably destroyed major terrorist networks and operations in their terror hubs for example Al Qaida has been dislodged from Afghanistan. Hitherto, the war against terrorism had gained more support worldwide. International alliances and other countries which were the part of the problem before September 11 have already joined the battle – a phenomenon that poses fewer challenges to the anti-terrorist campaigns. However, the remaining challenges facing war against terrorism include widespread dispersed terrorist networks, terrorist propaganda, Syria and Iran supported terrorist activity abroad and incomplete thwarting of the terrorist attacks.

 During the war, the anti-terrorists campaigns involve the use of government sponsored military to counteract the terrorists’ militias as well as their ideologies. Besides their capture or executions by the military forces, the surviving terrorists are deprived of survival aids thus left to starve awaiting prosecution. It is quite unfortunate though that Muslims use the war against terror as a spiritual clash whereby they change the idea of Jihad (a spiritual warfare) into a call for killing of innocent non Muslims.

Most notably, terrorism has no correlation whatsoever with poverty, opposition to U.S guiding principle in Iraq, the conflict between Israel and Palestine or American effort to put off terror attack but a simple product of political isolation. It is an outright failure that the terrorists unjustifiably blame on others as well as distorted false information concerning the world and the biased opinion that would permit manslaughter.

 Long term triumph over terrorism demands for democracy in bid to help address its causes by giving people liberty to participate and contribute to matters of governance in their respective countries; equality for all and peaceful resolution of conflicts among the civilians; freedom of expression and speech; and respect for human life. Democracy overrides terrorist in all spheres- terrorists oppress and enslave people but democracy empowers them and further advocates for their equality and freedom. Practice of the true Islamic faith in Jordan, Morocco and Indonesia denounce delight in public killings.

The victory of the American led antiterrorist war in Afghanistan and Iraq would definitely bring terrorism to a complete halt since these are the only surviving terrorist hub. Currently, terrorists sporadically attack America and her allies from their Iraqi base.  Stability of the Iraqi coalition government would guarantee clamping of terrorists’ biggest network. The anti-terrorist administration has come up with a tactic to help Iraqis to overcome the terrorists though.

The Iraqis should be supported to install democratic government leadership with vested interest in good governance and freedom for all citizens. Secondly, the Iraqi army should be expanded to adequately suppress terrorist activities within their boundaries and liberate the areas formerly held hostage by terrorists. Finally, international alliance should help Iraqi government reinstate transport and communication network, infrastructure and improve economy for the good of common non-terrorist citizens.

Coping with Terrorism Nature of Government
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