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Migration and Immigration

Migration is on the increase, especially from the third world countries into developed countries as people move into these nations in search of jobs. For example, the United States of America Diversity Visa lottery program awards fifty thousand people and their families to go to work and live to the United States. This has led to the  increase in migration. Illegal immigrants going in search of green pastures have infiltrated foreign countries. Education and sports have also made people migrate and settle in foreign countries.

The effect of immigration into the United States has put pressure on the economy of the land and has been a source of heated debate. People think in terms of the jobs filled or “taken” by the immigrant workers. This has led to the conflicts between the natives and the immigrants, some with dire consequences (Dancygier, 2010). The United States is inclusive to immigrants since it allows people to get into the country and work in there. These people can request to become the United States of America citizens on the condition that they did not have any criminal records. This has promoted the influx of immigrants as they find the policies friendly.

As Panayiotopoulos (2006) puts it across, many immigrants have created their own jobs and made jobs for others. There are immigrant owned enterprises that are well contributing to the U. S. economy, for example, fast foods restaurants and high tech industries thus provide the needed labor force. They are taking jobs that would have remained vacant. There have been cries calling for relaxation of the U.S. immigration laws as a forecast by the United States government shows that by 2028, the U. S. will have a shortage of twenty million workers hence facing the need to “import” workforce. This contributes positively to the economy of the United States. However, immigration may have adverse effects to the host county, immigrants themselves, and their mother country. Governments budget a lot to cater for immigrants in their national budget; social conflicts arise, for example, tossing of illegal immigrants into the sea by ship crew. Mother countries may suffer from “brain drain” as their skilled workers migrate to other countries.

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