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MEMO:Appropriate strategy for the U.S to cope with the rise of China and India

I am writing to you in line with the on going debate on the issue of the best strategy to use in coping with the rise of china and India. Sir, allow me to indicate that as a long-time serving Officer in the U.S National Security Council, I have a wealth of experience on all the proposed strategies. I want to agree with the observation that China and India are rising at a high rate and will soon become a threat to our national security if appropriate measures are not put in place. Sir, for us to maintain our dominance in Asia, an appropriate strategy must be put in place to prevent the rising trend of these two nations. This will with no doubt call on us to implement a most appropriate strategy especially regarding our involvement with the two nations.

I am aware of the current strategies that are proposed by your foreign policy advisors which include primary focus on balance of power, institutionalism and norm-building. My long duration in the security forces has enabled me experience the several occasions where either of these policies was implemented in dealing with more similar situations.

Personally, having considered all these strategies, I believe that the way forward will be for our nation to pursue institutionalization policy. Sir, it is time our nation shifts its interest and energy to multilateral institutions with the associated emphasis on dialogue and preventive diplomacy. This is the best way to check on these two nations especially now that their rise can not be challenged on a mere balance of power or norm-building efforts.

Institutionalization in my opinion remains the best option for our nation to establish and preserve order with both China and India. This is because such institutions as U. N can easily use their institutional strategies to restrain on indiscriminative and arbitrary use of state power.  The multilateral institutions can easily persuade the two nations to surrender their pursuit for short term benefits for the gains of order. Sir, the multilateral institutions such as the UN and the W.T.O currently enjoys enormous support internationally and remains the best option in managing international affairs. We can therefore seek the indulgence of such properly functioning institutions to serve as a mechanism for functional cooperation and dispute settlement between our nation and these nations.

However, in this arrangement we must seek to make our nation more relevant in the International arena. This will enable us to lobby for the necessary reforms that will check on the rise of the two states and ensure that they are not posing much threat to our security. This strategy will also make the continued exercise of our national power more acceptable to these states. I say this because I believe our nation will have much influence on the deliberations by these multinational bodies. Such influences will hardly be noticed to attract open criticisms from the two nations. These post war institutions (U.N, GATT, World Bank and IMF), stands a better chance of establishing an assurance to these states that peace can best be obtained through dialogue.

Mr. President Sir, any military reaction on these nations will only serve to encourage them to unite force against our own nation and people. The use of power or seeking to balance power is not the best strategy in the today’s world. The Iraq war into the year 2003 is still fresh in the minds of many Americans.  Our Nation’s military intervention action was the major cause of this war as it triggered various nations to unite against us.

It is therefore clear that the strategy of balance of power has been rendered irrelevant in transforming state behavior in the today’s modern world. Today, other state powers and the emerging powers such as Germany and India are moving away form the traditional hard balancing and forming alliances. This means that our nation will risk being left behind and even facing the formidable force of these nations.

Sir, I would also not advice our nation to adopt norm-building strategy as a mechanism to reacting to China and India. We must note that China does not share with the same democratic norms that are critical to our nation. This will therefore make it hard for us to establish common agreements with it. Using the strategy can thus not be effective in creating a solid foundation for cooperation between these nations.

As I conclude, allow me to note that in today’s conflict ridden world, the attainment of human security is very important and should never be frustrated at any cost. We must therefore join hands with the other like minded and help in strengthening and empowering the multinational institutions like the U.N. This will strategically allow our nation not to remain irrelevant to the growing institutionalization and humanistic principles. The institutions therefore stand a better chance of finding establishing a long lasting peace between our nation and the two nations.

In giving in to this strategy, we must take precaution to ensure the establishment of proper framework for our collaboration. The nations must still be made to recognize our nation’s primacy in the contemporary international order. In summary, the cooperation between our Nation and the UN is very basic for the achievement of a lasting peace not only for the three nations but the world at large and to ensure that these nations’ rise to power and threat to our national security is under control.

Finally I am grateful to you for sparing time to read these suggestions. Thank you.

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