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Liberals and Libertarians

Liberals and libertarians present two political ideology classes in the world advanced democracies. The main distinguishing feature between the liberals and the libertarians emanates from the ideologies they hold about the role of the government and how to share economic resources. The liberals believe that the business economy ought to have a regulatory framework while the libertarians believe in an unregulated economy (Sterba 42). Though, they all believe in personal freedom they have a different ideology regarding such freedom. In the United States, the Democratic Party presents the liberal class ideology and philosophy while the Libertarian Party presents that libertarian ideology (Arnold 34).

The libertarian’s ideology is that the government has no duty in providing needs to the poor. They believe that it is gratifying for the rich to share resources with the poor people. They believe that some of the welfare provisions are requirements of charity rather than justice (Sterba 45). Thus, such provisions are neither blameworthy nor punishable if the government fails to provide those welfare needs. This means that they oppose any coercively supported welfare programs. On the other hand, the liberals postulate that the government holds a fundamental role in providing social services to the people. This means that the government has a moral obligation in ensuring social and justice equity between the poor and the rich.

The libertarians believe that it is essential to enjoy liberty at the expense of satisfying the most basic needs of the poor. They believe that liberty has a priority over other political ideas. They also believe and assume poor's liberty is not at stake in such conflict situations. This means that the rich should not sacrifice their liberty so as to meet the basic needs of the poor (Sterba 48). This is different from the liberal views that hold that the rich must provide for the services of the poor. The poor should not provide for the needs of the rich. Thus, they believe that is essential to maintain a balance of wealth between the rich and the poor.

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