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Legal Protection

The argument that DVU is a “private institution” and thus cannot get legal protection in my own opinion does not seem to hold water. This is because of the following reasons: first, as the professors asserts, the university is not private but is related to the government. This makes it fully fledged to cover state’s “little Taft-Hartley” that is entrenched in the labor law. Moreover, the university is related to the government in its operation by the fact that it gets one-quarter of its annual revenues from the state. The governor who represents the government is also entitled appoint four of its 28 trustees where the appointed board then goes ahead to nominate the other 24 designated board members. This implies that the employees are under the government.

Therefore, AAUP cannot be deprived its legal protection in its unionizing activities. The government has hand in the operation of the university. It contributes its resources in learning of the organization thus making it partly government related as well as private. Therefore American Association of University Professors (AAUP), has a right to demand any required legal protection in its union. The government has a sole responsibility of ensuring that the affairs of the organization are well represented and thus the legal protection is put in force.

Virtually, any union should be formed under the legal established law in United States. Therefore, by the fact that members are demanding legal protection, it should be guaranteed within the constitution with the necessary articles that governs labor laws within the stat. thus, whether the union is made of private organization or not, members have a right to receive legal protection if they need it.  Everyone is under the protection of the law. Thus, in its activities, the government has an obligation to see that legal law is followed both in the establishment and in the learning of its activities.

In conclusion, in case where Deer Valley University (DVU) union professors need a legal protection while holding their union representation election, the government should step in and ensure that safety is adhered to. Every citizen is deemed to be under the protection of the government.

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