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International Politics and the Role of Media in its Promotion

I had a string of events that allowed me to change my perspective about international politics and the role of media in its promotion. It also helped me in understanding the dynamics of a unified purpose to acquire a common objective. These terms flew over my head few years ago, but, now, my mind has accepted the reality of political motives as they move ahead in an organized way.

I never agreed to the notion of War on Terror since its inception, and, today, I find it more perplexing than ever. After going through books, journals, and interviews of well-known political figures, I concluded that 21st century saw war as a tool to gain political and economical influence, and it began from the outskirts of Operation Desert Storm. Operation Desert Storm was launched to eliminate the Iraqi dictator, but it had other ideas too as Iraq is an oil rich state.

For oil, the allies killed hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens who had nothing to do with the war in the first place; anyway, media were never interested, so, no one talked about them. Secondly, the Iraqis never intended to go to war with the Allies in the first place but the media created havoc in the US and European circles as if the Iraqis were about to launch a war on the US interests and facilities in the region. A well-planned war came to a well-managed political, social, and economic outcome because all players played their roles in a fake war perfectly (McArthur, 2009).

Politics is a complex game and, beyond the reaches of a common person, behind closed doors, a dirty game is always in the making. The irony is that we seldom hear about their plans and motifs. They prefer secrecy and promote transparency, whereas, in their own act, there is no transparency. A political campaign has more than one side because it has to fight on many fronts.

It is difficult to believe that a war campaign occurs when our own electronic and print media feed us with propaganda presenting Bush and Cheney as our heroes who are ever ready to protect America from any foreign invasion, but they forget to tell us that the same Bush and Cheney own Texas oil fields and earn billions through them. Among other schemes behind the war, the famous “Oil for food” program was the true implementation of their agenda that gave them billions of gallons of oil free of cost. The Public Representatives took handsome money to turn their listeners into warmongers, and this continued throughout the US and Europe as well as in the Middle East for many days. There are many famous names who got involved; among them was the Media Advisor of President Bush who took the war as a personal affair and launched a massive anti Saddam and anti Iraq campaign to get public sympathy. John McArthur, the author of bestseller “The Second Front”, exposes the real deal behind the war machine and media bias strategies (William, 2010).

Another front was the human rights saga, operated by media stooges and Bush buddies. This was an absolute joke because they did a similar story that they performed during the WWI when England suffered heavy losses against Germany on the war front, not on civilian front. They brought this for the innocent Kuwaiti children and proclaimed just how brutal Iraqi soldiers were massacring innocent children in Kuwait whereas, in reality, no Iraqi soldier came even close to any civilian territory.

 This is how media take its place in public hearts and minds and gain what they call “manipulation.” All the shame was disappeared then as media outlets and news papers became too much pro military and for a good reason too, because Bush himself was a Texas oil merchant, and Iraq is located in the most oil rich territory in the world. One wonders how long they will repeat the same game considering us as fools to believe whatever they feed (William, 2010).

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