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Importance of Political Action Awareness of Nurse Leaders

Professional organizations are the groups of professionals who come together to achieve a particular goal in line with their career field. These professionals may come together with an aim of networking, providing a platform for sharing ideas or even representing their interests before the government. Nursing field contains a number of professional organizations which help in coordinating nursing activities. Some of these professional organizations in the field of nursing include American Holistic Nurses Association, American Nursing Informatics Association, American Nephrology Nurses Association and American Nurses Association. There are many other nursing professional organizations. Nurse leaders can use these professional organizations in a number of ways, they also try to be aware of political actions relating to nursing and the health field in general (Registered Nurses Professional Association, 2008).

Nursing professional organizations have a wide connection to political systems. These organizations contain a wide range of resources which are beneficial to the nurse leaders. For instance, most of the websites of these organizations, taking an example of American Nurses Association (ANA), contain current and valuable information which relates to the state as well as the laws and policies relating to the national health care. These organizations also conduct a number of local meetings which involve state officials and other prominent persons. Nurse leaders can take this advantage and attend these meetings which will equip them with vast information regarding the current political actions in the field of nursing and health care industry in general (International Council of Nurses, 2008).

Being at par with the current political action in health care sphere, especially on matters relating to policy, is very essential not only in the nursing practice but also in improving the environment in which nurses work. These professional organizations keep the nursing leaders informed on the matters relating to law, policies, shortages of nursing, maintaining of health safety, especially in the work place, and also being able to maintain patients’ safety together with patients’ advocacy. Being aware of these issues, nurses work better, they are always in the course of the ongoing issues, especially in the health industry. In these conditions, nurses take care of patients in the safest environment possible (International Council of Nurses, 2008).

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