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Government Censorship: Suppressing Human Rights

“Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.”(Albert Einstein, 1921).  We all breathe within this world, we are all born and departed into this ground; some of us approach to portray a fortress of values, ethics, creeds and a never-ending trail of struggle, embodied with the deepest pursuit of happiness and bliss, hence parting, leaving behind a lingering glimpse of an unforgettable being, a prudent existence that if ever asked why, will give a million reasons to rescue its essence and core. One of the most consecrated right we are given throughout our course of life, is freedom. Without the absolute ability to make our own choices, we can never prosper or achieve anything of a deep value. We are entitled with political freedom, the constructive practice of rights, aptitudes and possibilities for action. All people must not be deprived of their privileges for social interdependence with each other. Government censorship is the repression of speech and other collective communication that might be seen as detrimental for the regime, thus, hindering the aspirations of true freedom and worth of life.

“Whatever the immediate gains and losses, the dangers to our safety arising from political suppression are always greater than the dangers to the safety resulting from political freedom. Suppression is always foolish. Freedom is always wise.”. When censoring material, the government violates civil liberties by rejecting freedom of speech which is the utter right of any citizen. Government censorship eradicates the right for people to express themselves and share their ideas it also exercises control over the press, where any act that frustrates the media or citizens from acquiring information and data out, contravenes with their civil rights. The government, through censorship, prevents the citizens from obtaining much information. It is true that at times, an extremely open political freedom might provoke rebellion, but this does not mean that people should continue to exist amid this censorship, however, if education and knowledge can limit upheaval. So instead of practicing oppression, the state ought to be responsible of granting all the political privileges for its entire people, and simultaneously investing its energy on educating and gaining the trust of its people, instead of suppressing them. To be fair, the only censorship aspects that should remain, are the moral and military censorship(Missing kids), for young children must not have access to pornographic material, and the country’s military tactics must not be revealed to enemies. As the government continues to rule out freedom of speech and the discharge of information, citizens are also dispossessed from data that could demonstrate it to have flaws. When the government uses political censorship, it is as a result, controlling the mind of the individual. An example of government censorship is the American conquest of war propaganda. After the 9-11 assaults, the Government of Bush initiated the war on terrorism movement in order to abolish fanatic activists. By censoring the media, the Bush Administration has influenced the press to abide by the conditions and algorithm of the campaign. Consequently, NSA Condoleezza Rice urged the media to keep back any portrayal of bomb damage or any Iraqi losses, so that the atrocious death of thousands of inhabitants wouldn’t touch the Americans’ condolences and sympathy. An Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Potter Stewart, once stated that censorship is a hallmark of a totalitarian regime.  Political censorship is commonplace in most of the Arab countries, where lack of knowledge is alleged as delight. (, Syria: Soft on porn, hard on political censorship). After the death of former Syrian president Hafez Al Assad, many Syrians held on to that flicker of hope that his successor Bashar Al Assad would introduce his country to a new epoch of directness and liberty. Quite the reverse, Syria today relies sturdily on a mass of exploitive regulations and extralegal procedures to restrain Syrians’ right to express themselves through the Internet or in any other way possible. “The Internet is the only way for intellectuals to meet and share ideas in Syria today.” (Aktham Na issa, President of the Committees for the Defense of Democratic Liberties and Human Rights in Syria). In November 2005, media regulator “Reporters without Borders” termed Syria as one of 15 enemies of the Internet globally. Some of the Arab countries top the list of the world’s most repressive nations in the world with regard to freedom of expression and information. Human rights organizations within those countries and especially Syria, Iran, and Libya, have reported exhaustively on political arrests and detentions. One of the indispensable fact that people all around the world disregard,  is that most of those suppressing countries’ constitution in the first place was crafted on the doctrine of freedom of speech, writing and expression. In political censorship, cultural products reflect the half truths needs of the state. Political censorship was dominant in Stalin’s Communism regime, in Hitler’s Nazism regime and now in most of the Arab countries, not to forget China and Cuba’s current communalism. The People's Republic of China, which continues Communist tenet in politics, if not in the proscribed economy, occupies a few 30,000 'Internet police to keep an eye on the internet and enormous surf engines such as Google and Yahoo. Nowadays, we can realize and comprehend why people in the Arab countries are resurrecting and craving to change their dictatorial governments through massive and unprecedented revolutions. They are sick of oppression and routine, hence thirsty to change, evolve and live freely ever after. 

To all the suppressed, miserable, negative and desperate people out there in this eccentric and wonderful world, I ask them through my diffident essay and my experiences, to strive to advance and bring change to their lives, because they too, are the people of this perpetual sky, and they too are the intimate neighbors of our marvelous moon and bottomless ocean. History and time have shown that each and every censoring, oppressing and dictatorial state will go down no matter how strong they were. Only God is perfect, and only through the inclusive freedom to write, speak and express, people and societies could prosper and develop. Government censorship should be eliminated and people should finally attain their divine and just right to share and take part in the political and social processes.

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