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Governance Government

The U.S government is simply the administration in charge of the nationwide affairs in terms of security, public policies, infrastructural developed, and fostering of international investments in the country. Politically, the government is headed by two parties, Democratic Party and Republican Party. The two parties are rivals in terms of representation in the House of Representatives as well as in the congress. The rivalry of the two parties in the lines of representatives defines a monitory atmosphere upon which one party monitors the activities of the other in terms of administrative elements of management and execution of power. Within the jurisdiction of the Constitution, policies and Acts are implemented as a means of displaying leadership processes, reliable management, and proper use of grand power. With management of public office a vital installment of governance, the affairs of the government are run through the use of proper management skills as well as proper translation of the constitution provisions. Due to the Affordable Care Act, Obama administration has requested universities and health facilities run by religious groups to allow women the free access of birth control if they employ individuals from different faiths. Unfortunately, only religious universities and institutions that consist of people of the same belief are free from government regulations, but the rest is not. Thus, it means that the management of government affairs processes is performed in accordance with the provision of the related Act.

The government of the U.S. is supposed to exercise power due to the general constitution stability, verify performance, and display management and leadership processes in a functional platform. The Republican Rick Santorum stated that the Obama regime is about to cause a religious war. This fact indicates a level of governance incompetency of the Obama administration. The US government is obsessed with idea to have one of the best constitutions in the world. However, the application of the constitutional provisions in accordance with various policies require management and leadership skills based on which decisions could be made to affect performance of the government and display grant power in the processes involved.

What the government does and how it does it is referred as governance.  In this case, does the Obama administration have a right to regulate the performance and terms of religious health institutions as a way of enforcing the Affordable Care Act? The administration has found the answer to this very question. The Affordable Care Act regulates interest of the public in the best possible manner and observes the constitutional provisions. Thus, religious care institutions are entitled to inform individuals about safety measures and allow women to make choices on their own. However, by considering statistics on the issue, it clearly shows that most people especially on the Democratic Party are in favor of the suggestions of the HHS proposals. On the other hand, Republicans on the other hand, do not seem to favor the provisions of the HHS proposals. In such cases of governance and government affairs, rival parties are likely to disregard the proposals, policies, and Acts created by the administrative party. In this case, the Obama administration has made the right choice in proposing the access of birth control for women visiting religious health institutions employing faithfuls not belonging to the Roman Catholic.

In this case, if the teachings of religious groups like the Roman Catholic go against family teachings, then the Fifth Amendment should be observed in the making of Acts relating to the issue. The Fifth Amendment is simply the Bill of Rights of which citizens are allowed to choose religions freely as well as freedom of religious groups to impose ethical restrictions in respect to their faith. Therefore, if the Roman Catholic is affiliated with health institutions and operations in the institutions are run in accordance to the teaching of this religious group, then the government of US through management and execution of power should respect the jurisdiction of the Fifth Amendment. This, therefore, means that the Obama administration exercises governance in accordance to the Constitution of the United States of America. 

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