Gang Reflection

Crime has become an explosive issue in the US. As a result, this has increased penalties for people convicted of criminal activity. The US record the highest rates of violent crime worldwide which results in penalties such as death. The American society perceives gang as a group of individuals with negative motives of engaging in criminal activities. The gang phenomenon in the US reflects the low income earning individuals who fulfill their desires by using all means.

Street gang is a reflection of the American capitalized system, because gangs were a part of plans to unleash the entrepreneurship between Africa and America. American capitalism included gang members as they participated in operations that involved opening of stores across the country to generate profits and create more jobs (Posner, 2010). The Americans associate gangs with black people especially the young male who had become stereotypes of the criminal activities. As a result, the issue of race and crime in the US created a barrier in working class unity. Capitalism in the US divided the working class, because it articulated racism, which is evident both politically and economically.

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Capitalism in the US went to extend that made the police behave in a brutal way. This supported inhuman practices that were evident based on how the cops protected the superiority of others. There is also evidence that the American street gang exists because of the environment that the capitalists create. This explains why capitalism cannot eliminate the issue of crime in the US society. According to the Bolshevik Tendency BT, citizens have a right to protect their personal possession. Marxists claim that poverty, social inequality, brutalization, oppression, and dehumanization are the key causes of burglaries, assaults, and robberies that instill fear among people in the US society.

The capitalism system in the US fosters street gangs through pervasive oppression which drives people to seek relief from the circumstances that are intolerable. This makes individuals engage in mood and mind altering drugs which they trade and supply because of poverty. Government reports reveal that capitalism in the US society creates an environment for street gangs who occupy the drug infested city areas. However, drug trafficking does not involve a large number of youths as compared to street gangs who engage in the activity for the purpose of making profits (McCorkle, 2002).

Capitalist in the US society is a reflection of street gangs, because they support these illegal acts to enhance their survival in the society. The law against these acts is responsible for street gang operations when they stereotype and oppress the black youth as criminals in the society. The capitalists attempt to prevent this, but they cannot eliminate the street gang from the society. This is evident when capitalists use services offered by the gangsters against leftists and militant trade unionists.

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In the capitalist US, the number of people living in poverty and the gap between the rich and the poor have increased over the two last decades. This reflects in the US ruling class when they portray bankruptcy, greed, corruption, and violence in the society. It is inevitable that when people continue living in such environment, they become involved in street gangs to survive in the society. This implies that since capitalism began in the US society, it has led to the spread of criminal activities. Street gang has become a part of the American society because of social disorganization created by capitalism. The best way to eliminate capitalism from the American society is through initiating a social revolution that would eliminate poverty and hence reduce the number of street gangs.

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