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Franke Washroom Systems

Khosrowpour (2004, p.46) affirms that E-Commerce i.e. the buying and selling of goods and services through the internet, has been of great assistance to most of the companies that are registered. According to Morley & Parker (2009, p.164), E-Commerce has added value to both companies and their consumers. For companies such as Franke Washroom Systems which deals with the manufacturing and distribution of blemish-less steel washroom products, E-Commerce would be the best organization to work with. This is following the reason that Franke Washroom Systems has a variety of products and due to the high quality of these products; a large and wide market has been established. Thus to cater for the needs of all these consumers as well as to improve the productivity and efficiency of the company in delivering the products on time, an effective online distributing organization such as E-Commerce is very fundamental. This will not only add value to the company but to the consumers as well (Morley & Parker 2009).

The value of Franke Washroom Systems can be added through the following activities that are the mains concerns of E-Commerce; the company can sell its products at any time of the day without representatives having to travel for long distances to deliver the goods to the consumers. This way, the company will not have to incur transport expenses thus reducing the production cost (Thanasankit 2003, p.205). Since Franke Washroom Systems has established a wide market that is globally, meeting the needs of all these consumers physically proves to be difficult at some point. Many cases of delayed delivery have been reported. To cut on this, E-Commerce ensures that the goods reach the right consumers at the right time (Zappalà & Gray 2006). Therefore delays on delivery will become a history. Besides, all transactions are made electronically thus reducing the bulkiness of paper work that the company would otherwise have incurred.

Another area in which E-Commerce can add the value of Franke Washroom Systems Company is on the reduction of the unnecessary processes that a typical business would be involved in. For instance, a business can only be successful if it effectively accomplishes the processes of manufacturing, marketing, distribution and delivery. Thanasankit (2003, p.208) claims that these processes are very cumbersome, time and resources consuming, and may involve a lot of protocols. To overcome this, E-Commerce takes into account the issues of distribution and delivery thus reducing the time that Franke Washroom Systems would lose in the distribution process as well as reduce the number of personnel that would have otherwise been involved in transportation and delivery.  Thus reducing the production cost.

E-Commerce can add value to the consumers in that they can purchase Franke Washroom Systems products through the internet at anytime of the day provided that they can access the internet. Contrary to the old days where consumers had to leave their homes in search for appropriate markets for washroom products, with E-Commerce, they can do their shopping without having to leave their home compounds. According to Morley & Parker (2009, p.159) this not only reduces their travel expenses but saves on time as well. 

Consumers’ value can also be added when they get a variety of washroom products through the internet which they would otherwise not find if they were only shopping on their local shops. This gives them the opportunity to even get new and improved products which may not have reached the local market. Regardless of where they live, consumers can get their dream products from Franke Washroom Systems without having to travel great distances to negotiate for prices or to make orders; products are brought at the place of their conveniences (Zappalà & Gray 2006). 

Rob & Coronel (2007, p.233) assert that another area in which the consumers of Franke Washroom Systems products can benefit from the services of E-Commerce is on the area of delivery. Before the introduction of E-Commerce, most consumers complained of delayed delivery on goods; products would reach them a month or so after purchasing them. Today, they can get their goods within the shortest time possible after all the transactions have been made.

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