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The Federalist Papers

The federalist papers were a champion to the relationships between the people and the government, where the views were inspired by the fact that, “the government must be based upon a realistic view of human nature” (Madison). This shows that the human nature must not be ignored in the legislations from the government. The top agendum of the writers was that human nature was a force to the liberation of the human kind through poise of power. The magnanimity of deprivation of power from the formation of the republican government was also a factor for deliberation, where building of confidence in the people was through expression of human power by formation of a government of the people and by the people. The writers had the view that the republican government process of formation without the ethics has shown to the people through formation by the people assumed the role of ignorance to the qualities that describe human nature, which is described in this paper. Moreover, it gives the reasons why James Madison and Alexander Hamilton had faith in the ethics of the people to establish a republican government (Madison).

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The writers of the federalist papers have faith in the ethics of the people to form the republican government as the framers were the same expressions of human nature. Through the formation of the republican by the people, there is elimination of factions that are evidently the stumble block in adherence with the ethics of the people. The formation of the republican is a form of equal representation that roots out preferences created by stronger and weaker factions. Through formation of the republican by the people, the authors believe that the representatives would assume the role of equal representation, because the selection process would afore be handled depending on merit. This also shows that the representatives would be the people’s choice, which would arouse accountability in the duties of leadership.

Consequently, Madison and Hamilton had faith in the ethics of the people to form the republican government since this would minimize the superiority among the factions. This is in relation to the inspiration that the forces driven by equal representation would instill a platform of performance based on equity. In the elective processes defined by formation by the people, the superiority among the factions would be eliminated, which would reduce the processes of extinction of inferior factions. In real essence, the chance for equal performance ensuing from representation that is rated with accountability would align the factions on the same level, implying that they would exist.

In consideration, if the process of formation of republican is done with the aid of the people, it would be a solution to the factor of abuse of power. The prime source of conflict of interest in any nation is assumption of power by the sitting government. Separation of power through delegation is a form of healing of the conflicts that lead to divisions among nations. According to Madison, “Each representative will be chosen by a greater number of citizens, it will be more difficult for unworthy candidates to practice with success the vicious arts by which elections are too often carried”. Consequently, lack of involvement of the people could lead to suppression of the minority through dictatorship roles of government, which confirms the aspect of existence of faith in the formation of the republican by the people.

The process of constitutional amendment and regulation would only be streamlined to suit the views of the people by enabling the people to form the republican form of government. From the synthesis of the federal papers, the constitutional dispensation was top of the agenda in upholding the dignity of human nature. The form of legislation accruing from the people’s views would be in contentment with the ratification of the constitution although with the views of the people. This would also be in favor of the practice of economic growth. The improved and ratified system of governance would ensure prevalence of the structures of political stability, which would spur economic growth. This is also in realization of economic competition within the nation that reduces incidences of poverty and vulnerability (Madison). The stipulations of the federal papers show that the governance system is a mirror of the real situational life of the people, where equal dispensation in terms of constitutional amendments would erase immorality in the leaders. The fact that there exist no angles in the government systems does not condition the nature of competitive elective systems, where the constitution does not only give directions to the angelic elements of human beings, but also ensures sanity in the government systems.

The writers of federal papers had faith in the ethics of the people to form the republican government since this would be a sign of liberty to the people. The level to which the forms of governance would create liberty among the people would be the resolve to impose preventive measures through aspiring for removal of passions and determination from the population. An ambitious population is one in which power is a divided tool. The divisions would not be “ambition to counteract ambition” as Madison puts where the force of influence would be to accept that both passion and ambition are vital tools in the formation of human dignity. Once the forces of full democracy are not practiced, the society would lose out these values. This also explains why there is a presumed amount of faith in the ethics of the people in forming the republican government.

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The aspect of interpretation of the law would also be enhanced by allowing people to select the republican government according to the views of the federal papers. Alignment of the judicial systems and the arms of government that are responsible for legislation would be mandated by the roles of the republican government formed by the people. Moreover, the process of correlation between these groups would be enhanced driven by a common legislation process that does not entail favoritism. This would ensure viable justice systems that are non-partisan, which is essential in building the confidence in people. The alignment of roles created by the common legislation would limit the power of the government, where necessary amendments related to the legislations would be necessitated.

Conclusively, the most common practice for governments formed without the aid of the people is tyranny and anarchy systems as evident in the history of both Greece and Italy. This prompted the restrictions of the federal papers to be in correlation with a government system that is devolved since it is the only formation for ending such practices of abuse of power. The systems of governance that were evident in these countries were due to lack of an electioneering system that does not give preference to the views of the people. This inspired the writers of the federal papers into bringing out sense to the people through advisory systems that could see the process of relinquish of power through aiding in formation of the republican. The best results were advisory systems that could lead to the constitutional dispensation that could give the legislation back to the people. This is in contentment with the view of both Madison and Hamilton.

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