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According to the selected article, the US President, Barack Obama, will sign an executive order which compels every contractor at the federal level to offer their employees seven paid sick days annually. This is one of the moves by the President in a bid to deal with and improve the United States workplace issues. Various paid leave policies have also been enacted by some cities, states, and counties as a result of President Obama’s call for local action in a bid to encourage Congress to work on the matter.
There is evidence of cooperative federalism in the article. However, it is not present in its entirety. This is because only 21 cities, states, and counties, rather than the entire state and local subdivisions, have enacted the new policies related to the workplace issue.

The above aspect of partial cooperative federalism is a clear illustration of the advantages and disadvantages of state power and federal power. The main challenge posed by this issue is that the majority of the enacted ordinances only apply to the employees and contractors of the particular cities and states. This will result in an increase in the gaps between the persons and categories covered by these orders and policies. Thus, the article demonstrates that the concept of federal preemption would not apply in this case. This is due to the freedom cities, states, and counties have. They may choose whether to enact policies that they deem appropriate and consentient within their areas of application or not. If there were no such freedom as to make policies by any institutions other than the federal government, the notion of federal preemption would have been strongly upheld.

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The concept of state’s rights is well upheld by the content of the article. It is clear that the federal imposition of the executive orders made by President Obama does not extend to the state’s applicability of these orders. The states are simply left with the choice of enacting policies that correspond to these federal executive orders. Furthermore, these federal executive orders are only applicable to federal contractors rather than those at the state level. As a result, the issue reflects the rights that the states have; they can regulate their own development and legislation. The only limitation is that those particular developments and laws should not be in utter disregard and contravention of the US Constitution.

As a result, it is evident that the United States is not a unitary state. This is due to the lack of a single authority that regulates the whole country. In a unitary state, the central government is the sole supreme power, and all the other units perform the roles of administration at the subnational level. These subnational divisions are only in charge of executing the authority that has been bestowed upon them by the central administration. It is the role of the central government to choose what particular authority to delegate. This is not the case in the events the article highlights. The President is seen to request and encourage the city, state, and county administrations to enact policies that would make certain that a seven day paid leave is implemented. His main goal was to ask sub-federal institutions to deal with the workplace issue in a uniform manner.

In conclusion, this article is consistent in its reflection of the concepts of federalism. These concepts range from cooperative federalism, the advantages and disadvantages of state power and federal power, state’s rights, and unitary state.

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