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Domestic Political Support

There are several complexities associated with domestic political support for arms spending and high military budgets. First, politics entails making tough choices regarding priorities and how funds of the public’s should be utilized. One of the tough choices is how to assign limited funds for military awareness as contrasting to meeting the citizens’ human needs and facilitating them to live a safe and long life. World leaders should stop perceiving militaristic venture as a determinant of national well-being. However, the sad reality is that half the world’s governments spend a lot in defense than in programs concerning health. If $40 billion every year is channeled from armies and directed into antipoverty courses, in ten years the entire population of the world would enjoy essential social services like education, sanitation, potable water and health care and nutrition.

On the other hand, military spending is supported by various governments since it is an essential matter for the international economy. It is a spending by governments that has power past the resources it takes up, particularly when it results to or facilitates disagreements. When regimes carry out military spending, they give wages and salaries and wrap other expenditures for the armed forces and obtain arms for them.

The current military budget is not justified. This is so because reducing weapons and military expenditure need not be expensive and contribute to, or at the very least provides the chance for, advanced economic performance in countries that are developing. Problems are still there, though, in nations moving to lesser levels of military expenditure and benefiting. Support is possibly to be needed at a national and global level, including aid from countries that are developed.

International Political Economy Globalization and the North

The purpose and significance of such international economic organizations as the IMF, World Bank, and WTO, and international political organizations as the United Nations.

The main purpose of the international economic organizations is to provide financial aid to countries that are developing so as to encourage economic growth across the rising world. International organizations are lawfully formed units that operate all over the world. These organizations do not work for revenue. These organizations have several significances. The main objective is to develop member countries economically, socially and politically. The main objective is to provide the necessary finances to be used in different sectors. 

The significance of the World Bank is to give financial help to member countries. The World Trade Organization (WTO) helps member countries in encouraging just trade with each other. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) was started in 1944 to assist the world shun another depression. Its objective was to assist countries uphold the worth of their currencies without choosing trade obstacles and high interest tariffs. Currently, IMF provides interim loans to prevent instability of currency. It also advises member countries on ways to enhance their financial system. The funding is provided for the development of projects that are aimed at improving the lives of the people. Finally, it surveys worldwide economic circumstances and provide guidance where necessary. Training opportunities are provided on the best ways of improving the living standards.

The international political organizations as the United Nations, was formed at the stop of World War II for the key purpose of making peace. Presently, its main purpose is still to uphold peace and order in the world and to assist ease interactions with other countries. The United Nations also plays a forefront role in organizing emergency aid efforts worldwide. The American had a role in creating these institutions. For instance, delegates from the United States and other representatives of governments held a conference to agree on a structure for international economic mutual aid that can be used in the most appropriate way to ensure that the people concerned are reached.

International Political Economy, Globalization and the South

There are a number of things that the proponents of unfettered globalization would say in response to the presentation of the movie The End of Poverty. For instance, the movie illustrates that a lot of the basis of poverty are structural, not grounded in insufficiencies of the people who live in poverty. Unless we alter the compositions which form poverty, the endeavors of several well-intended individuals to alleviate the results of poverty will not bring the stop of poverty. Most of the endeavors to decrease or stop poverty do not molest the structures which form it; they are just attempts to harm or eradicate one or another of those transitional robbers like inadequate drinking water, illnesses that are caused by mosquitoes, inadequate opportunity for education and lack of funds.

We have to be seeking the basis of the trouble. This movie is a start in that course since it considers the structures. Therefore it is a fine beginning. This movie gives a very dissimilar way of comprehending why we have poverty in the globe, hence gives suggestions that in order to get rid of poverty and protect our world, we must go to the course of the crisis. This film expanded my understanding of the concept positively. From the film, I understood the historical setting of world poverty and how the monopolization of territory and capital has made and gradually more worsened the unjust distribution of wealth and income in Third World countries. Another reason why the movie expanded my understanding positively is that in order to get a solution to a problem, like poverty, we must look at the causes and try to reduce or eradicate them. I agree with the essential message of the film. This is so because, with every problem the world is facing today like poverty, starvation, overpopulation and war, people are hoping for meaning. A lot of people get responses in faith or spirituality, however as a result belief and religion are frequently hijacked by those looking for advancement of their own control at the expense of other people, frequently entirely in the name of God. Having this dichotomy in brains, the movie calls upon important religious heads, politicians, and personalities in their fields to handle the hardest and most compound matters in the contemporary era, and it asks them how they are inspired to influence constructive change. The movie Beyond Our Differences shares their individual experiences and every person gives a distinctive viewpoint on how to encourage and reinforce empathetic and peaceful activism when finding solutions to compound disputes.

This documentary film from the Bill Moyers Journal is a remarkable movie that centers on the thought that faith and mankind should create an attempt to understand that every religion and people have a lot in similar and good motive to explore the constructive likes and ignore the unconstructive dislikes that make wars and so much pain. The globe would definitely be a much improved, more constructive place if this could be implemented. The movie is beautiful because it talks of oneness from a position of reality that touches the heart. It can probably make change. The essays of Mr. Bill Moyers are brilliant and give people hope. He is neutral and a most rational, objective and sincere individual. His writings and programs are highly recommended without conditions.

International Relations and the Global Environment

Human beings are the most thriving species on the globe. However our developing financial system is putting extraordinary demand on the world’s limited environmental resources. Dr. Mathis Wackernagel, co-inventor of the Ecological Footprint proposes that we can make a choice to live on a useless world or we can make a choice to reside on a wealthy, biologically varied, and steadier planet. He proposes that an important step in keeping away from exhaustion is to follow ecological resources, allowing us to make choices that are more informed. Wackernagel looks at the repercussions of the ecological insufficiencies, and offers examples of how regimes, communities and industries are employing the Footprint to aid enhance their environmental performance.

The movie paints an image of our present worldwide situation. Humanity is in environmental overrun with yearly requirement on resources that go beyond what earth can redevelop every year. Several countries are running environmental shortages, with Footprints bigger than their own natural capacity. Wackernagel winds up on a promising note, illustrating how a fresh organization, Global Footprint Network, is collaborating with government groups, businesses and universities to encourage the exploitation of the Ecological Footprint a supply accounting equipment that determines the demand of human beings on the world, and to assist turn this idea of a maintainable future into realism.

The solutions presented in the video that appear plausible for Americans to carry out include constructing cities more efficiently, making communities that have everything people require on a day to day basis and ways of communal transportation to reach intended places. The assets people make presently can be future responsive or not. Buildings that are zero-energy and pedestrian or communal transportation systems can facilitate great lives with little environmental footprints.

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