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Domestic and Foreign Policies

Ronald Reagan

He was the us president from 1981 to domestic policies he is best known for his supply side economics that came to be known as Reaganomics. He advocated for reduction in tax rates because reduction in income taxes would make people have more disposable income and as a result they would demand for more goods and services and as a result the economic activities would increase and economy would expand and create more employment opportunities when production activities increase.

Foreign Affairs

Reagan ruled US in the cold war era and he took a tough stance on Russia together with sympathizers and supporters of communism. He gave moral and financial support to opponents of communism across the world. He also denounced détente measures agreed by world leaders and went on to build up military equipments in readiness for any subjugation from armed forces. However many world leaders who existed in the day have contributed the end of the cold war to Reagan though there are those who believe that communism was ill fated and was bound to fail.

Jimmy Carter

He was the US president between the years 1977-1981 on a democratic ticket. Carter unlike Reagan put emphasis on diplomacy and amicable solutions to conflicts around the world as a result he bagged noble prize for this. During his tenure he diplomatically approached problems and threats facing USA particularly he took part in ratifying the second phase of the strategic arms limitation talks with the Russians in order to reduce tensions that were building up in cold war era. He also ceded the ownership of the Panama Canal to panama and he signed the Camp David agreements. However due to his diplomatic approach Iranians took advantage of this and held US citizens working in Iran hostage and this made him unpopular consequently lost to Reagan in the elections.

George Herbert Bush

He ruled on a republican ticket from 1989-1993.domestically he is recalled for raising taxes in order to boost economy. In terms of foreign policy he is attributed to formal and eventual end of cold war by negotiating with the soviets to reduce their arms via the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty that saw the start of cooperation between the two powers. He also ordered for invasion of Iraq when it attacked Kuwait and failed to withdraw from Kuwait. There was also military invasion of Panama by US soldiers when it was discovered that their leader was using the Panama Canal to traffic drugs into America and spying into US on behalf of Cuban government.

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