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Majority rule is the underlying principle behind democracy. In all forms of democratic governments, the supreme powers are vested in the majority. Democracy ensures that all groups of people have an equal right to make important decisions on serious matters of governance that affect their lives. The common quote that “If democracy means anything at all it means having the strength of our differences” truly holds in all systems of democratic governments.

In complex systems of government that comprises of people of different social and political groups, there is a sharp difference in political and socio-economic interests among the citizens. For example in the United States of America, different states and political groups stand for their interests on federal matters yet not a single decision can adequately accommodate all the interests. Sharp differences in social, political and economic diversity call for democracy so as to protect the rights of majority against possible influence of the minority.

Democracy truly means having strength of our difference simply because it only comes into a play when difference and political conflicts erupt in the public domain on matters of public governance that require decision making. For instance, recently there was a dispute as to whether United States should continue its military operations in Afghanistan or not. This matter sparked a lot of differences among the U.S citizens and political leaders alike. Through a voting process at the Congress, majority had it that U.S should stop its foreign military operations in the country. Nevertheless, democracy never holds in matters of unanimity where there are no political or socio-economic differences.

In conclusion, it is therefore evident that democracy is a political tool that is only applicable when there is a difference in political interests and ideologies thus it draws its strength of our differences.

Liberalism in its Political Interpretation Branches of Government
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