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Democracy is the Best Form of Government for all the World's Inhabitants

Democracy is a system of governance that allows people to choose their leaders through a free and fare election. Compared to other systems of governance where the leaders are inherited in a monarch, appointed or partially elected with few participants. True democracy allows the entire population to scrutinize their leaders and choose from a variety. This also makes them feel part of the leadership. It is not only in election that democracy is manifested, but a democratic nation has freedom of speech, high human rights, a vibrant civil society and its people are fully involved in decision making.

            Democracy is the most acknowledged system of governance that benefits humanity. Countries such as United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany just to mention a few, have sprung to the great development levels due to democratic systems they inhibit. Even though China is the second largest economy in the world, its democratic space is still very low and this reveals the reason why the country still has some of the poorest people in the world.

No matter the size and history of a country, democracy remains to be the fairest system of government. Countries like the United States that embrace democracy have reported growth in their economy. They have been able to get rid of non-performing leaders as well as encouraging accountability. Democracy has been equated to a peoples' rule and therefore people will always advance an idea or support a leader that leads them to life that is more comfortable and therefore better economy for their nation.

Democracy has been equated to "dictatorship by majority". In it is not obvious that the majority are always right. The few might be right but because they are numerically challenged they will never see their way. In has been a common denominator that leaders are elected according to their ethical grouping and not according to their policies. This is manifested more in third world countries. Therefore even if a leader has a poor record of development, corruption all sorts of social ill, he will still be elected because is community is large compared to the other communities opposing such a leader.

Another key disadvantage of democracy is that it leads to wars and crimes. Due to the fact that a leader dictates through the majority, the minority groups take arms and fights for their resources and recognitions. A case in hand is Christian Southern Sudan where they
have fought for their liberation and rights from the majority Arab northerners. This culminated in separation into two countries; Sudan and Southern Sudan.

In a democracy the majority take it all. Majority can be just a mere one vote difference which is not necessarily the right choice. The majority votes also depend on the ability of a leader to convince voters to vote for them or rather a candidate with more support from their community. This hence leads to instances of tribalism and nepotism where by people vote for a leader simply because they are from their community or have particular relations with them. Since such people may be the majority, a leader who is self centered ends up taking up a position that they are not qualified for. The results are that a particular community that supported the candidate will benefit from his leadership while those that did not vote them in are neglected. This are instances that make democracy to be a rather an unfair system of government. 

Government - Japan Final Bernard L. Madoff
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