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Deficient areas in the Police Department and Possible Solutions

The police department is a law enforcement agency charged with the task of providing security and promoting peace amongst its citizens. However, research suggests that the police department has been deficient in two key areas that need urgent attention; response to domestic violence and use of technology in its operations. According to Burton (2008), the police department has been extremely sluggish in responding to domestic violence issues. They police department has been using traditional methods in dealing with domestic assaults such as arresting the offender, vacating the offender from the scene of crime and talking to both parties by giving them advice. However, these methods have been found to be highly defective due to the high rate of recidivism of domestic violence incidents.

Another defective area in the police department is the use of technology. Most of police operations are done manually through the use of communication radio calls, pursing of suspects, conducting investigations and storage of vital information. This has resulted to a slow work and progress of police activities. It has also delayed the administration of justice since, investigations and provision of reports to the courts takes a long time.

Suggested solutions to the problem of domestic violence

With regards to domestic violence, the police can improve their services by providing victims with emergency protection services after an assault. Some services include provision of a 24 hour domestic violence hotline, referrals for legal and social services, advocating emergency benefits and court proceedings for the victim (Burton, 2008).

Police agencies should consistently participate in domestic violence awareness campaigns, with an effort to educate potential victims and offenders. In addition, police officers should conduct campaigns through classroom instruction, for teenagers on how to handle violence related to dating and relationships conflicts. Such campaigns will encourage victims to report any case of domestic violence, raise the consciousness of potential witnesses and deter potential offenders.

The police should solicit the services of experts such as psychologists, criminal analysts and medical professionals who will assess the likelihood of repeat victimization. The knowledge of an offender’s abuse history will be extremely useful to the police in predicting future risks (Burton, 2008). Besides domestic violence, the police will be able to prevent other related offences like vandalism, harassment, stalking and abusive use of guns.

Suggested solutions to the problem of technology

The police should use computerized and customized applications to make their forensic work more effective. This will enable them utilize the DNA sequence blood found at the scene of crime in tracking and apprehending suspects. Additionally, police officers can use specialized cameras to capture an entire footage of the crime scene for later referencing as they conduct investigations (Frost & Dempsey, 2002).

The police can improve their community policing approaches through technologies such as reverse-911, social networking tools, agency websites and e-mail notifications will facilitated police-community dialogue, increase transparency, and enable accurate and timely information sharing between the police and the community

The police department should make use of mobile data terminals (MDT) to improve its communication mechanisms. The MDT is a highly effective device in the form of a laptop computer that is wired inside the police car. This will increase their response rate in dealing with crimes, since they are able to locate each other and transmit information faster, thereby reducing incidences of crime.

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