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Coping with Terrorism

The New York Times reported a chilling series of attacks in Iraq in 15th august, 2011 (Schmidt, M.S.). This paper will discuss whether the U.S. has achieved success in its fight against terrorism and what the country needs to do to effectively combat terrorism activities. 

Despite the U.S. using billions of dollars, the report showed that terrorist activities remain a big threat to security Iraqis and to the Americans in Iraq. This shows that the U.S. is making little progress if any in countering terrorism activities. The reason for this assumption is because the attacks (42 in total) occurred in a coordinated way and underscored the reality that Iraq is still not safe despite American troops occupying the country since 2003. Apparently, the attacks were against civilians and security forces with a death toll of around 89 people (Schmidt, M.S.).

Those responsible were suspected to be Sunni insurgents led by Al Qaeda in the Mesopotamia region. This happened despite the fact that the leader of Al Qaeda was killed earlier this year. The paper also reported that Shiite militants killed American troops and threatened more violence. The Iraq government and security forces have been unable to maintain peace. A Kurdish member of parliament, Shawn Mohammed, acknowledging this said that the insurgents act like the country’s security forces do not exist.

Effective efforts against terrorism

The public has since September 11 shown that non-military means can reduce terrorism activities by a great margin. This non-military means include enhancing intelligence, strengthening international law and building a goodwill towards the U.S. In prevention of future terrorist attacks, it is believed that non-military means will greatly reduce terrorist activities and their desire to revenge (Martin, B).

Improving intelligence will also greatly lead to reduction of attacks. The 11 September attacks revealed that intelligence failure led to the attacks. It is also believed that a non open non violent intelligent system would work better than the military and be accountable to the people (Martin, B).


            Despite a spirited effort by the U.S. in fighting terrorism, the fruits so far have been minimal. Terrorism activities continue to go on despite billions of dollars that have been used to reduce terrorist activities. To reduce terrorist activities, the U.S should think of employing a non-violent approach like improved intelligence build goodwill towards the U.S and strengthen international laws.


The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy National Security Strategy
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