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A political party is an organization that seeks to influence government policy by nominating their own candidates and locating them in an office to perform several tasks. They engage in activities like educating people on the interests of their parties as well as conducting protest actions. Political parties are funded by contributions made by party members, organizations who support the political party’s ideologies or even government public funding. The incentives they get are offered inform of gifts and money to the party members or the party in general. For instance, in America the presidential campaigns have been severally funded by the public since 1970, though those who accept public funds ought to abide by the public spending limits.

            Political parties and candidates also acquire their funds from anonymous donors. The anonymity derives its notion from the power of secret balloting during elections; hence some donors choose to remain unsigned to avoid much attention. There are also individual donors, who range from family, cronies, to wealth contributors with the intention of exacting political fame. Fundraising is yet another form of raising money. It should begin early in order to gather enough money in time).  Nevertheless, donors have their limitations when it comes to the amount they apportion to the political parties. Legal policies sometimes hinder them on the minimum and maximum amount of cash as well as its usage. There is also the amount that is spent on specific races, as well as the party members.

            Political parties and their candidates ought to manage their campaigns and establish a solid source of funds. Though donors and the government contribute a lot the functioning of various parties, they should not impose many rules to hinder them from attaining their intended activities.  The regime should set rules governing the political parties to ensure they don’t hinder the progress of the country. This ensures the harmony of all parties in the country; hence peace is maintained in the country.

Political History of the United States from 1963-2000 Political risks
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