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Class System Theory

Class System Theory may be described as a premise of the government as well as politics asserting that societies are separated along class lines (Newton). In addition, the upper class of the privileged rule despite of the reserved niceties of the governmental association. This paper seeks to comprehensively discuss concepts in the Klare film (Blood and Oil) that relate to class system theory and how would other theorists respond to their critique.

The concepts that seems to be aligned to the class system theory from the Klare film (Blood and Oil) include: Imperialism and Marxism. The Marxism theory is evident, from the onset of power control that United States displays over countries; such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The United States of America uses it power to foster stability in the government of Baghdad hence promoting free trade market among other oil producing countries (Klare). Imperialism also depicted by Middle Eastern protest to freeze free trade of oil by the United States with them, hence creating an unequal economic relationship with the Americans (Morris & Weibe, 452). The motive for this is that there has been an over dependence from the side of America to obtain oil from their land hence decreasing competition in supply form other country such as India.

In synopsis: many theorists would respond to the class theory in the in the Klare film (Blood and Oil) as an act of self-centeredness as well as display of greed which has forced gradual economical development of Saudi Arabia, among other countries (Korin). In addition, there should be ‘cessation of this exploitation’ and creating of a better free trade market in which many persons would benefit from.

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