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Brand Washing Globally

Not only from my point of view but my take is that an identity specifying or is rather related to a given “product, service or business” is obviously called a brand. To be precise it’s the brand to that product or service. This meaning can take or may be seen on a diversified point of view, in that a brand can take numerous forms and this may include “a name, sign, symbol, or slogan. One may take a look on history here, when someone may tend to believe this is the origin of branding. That it simply started as “a way to tell other person cattle from another”, and this was done through a “hot iron stamp”. Branding has to be made legal for it actually to deliver its purpose, in these digital times. What’s to be remembered is that “A legally protected brand name is called a trademark”

as time goes by the meaning of branding or rather brand goes on with its evolution encompassing the identity there by in effect the personal outcome of a given product company or even service to the entire people who may be in need or have a tend of its consumption. Let’ s take this point clear that the lack of such instrumentation is a weakness and to be addressed no is exceptional to go branding,especially when one ought to sell or market anything whatsoever  (Blumenthal, 134-65).  

The essence that the absence of branding is a weakness, gives it the mandate to be considered important and serious down fall course in most of the major consumer products and services. Also to consider it in the general enterprise view, much company will suffer a big blow upon neglecting the fact that its identity is the only vital tool; especially when advertisement of its end products comes to task. Remember that even the later come or rather is to come later after the company or product or service branding has been totally accomplished. My scholar gets to know that there is a need for awareness to the identity of a given product, service or company. Term this Brand awareness. The absence of this fact brand awareness is a big course of many loss of consumer confidence in a given entitity.For a given enterprise to evaluate and re-establish its identity to the public or a people expected to respond to it actions, there is a big vacuum for that enterprise to fill and that is no other than to set the trend in its identity’s reputation to the outside world (Blumenthal, 134-65).

Brand awareness is a term revealing customers’ strength in recalling and recognising the brand within different set ups and links “to the brand name, logo ,jingles and many more associations  found in ours and even others memories. This achievement i.e. the capability of an enterprise to attain the mark of total brand awareness towards its expected point of target which the consumer. The customer or consumer is put in a position to “understand to which product or service group the specified brand belongs to, and on the other hand the kind of product and services sold precisely under the same brand name. This will also ensure the customer or rather the consumer is informed whether a given brand satisfies their needs or even any of their needs. In this digital times we are in a position to measure brand love levels and one is liable to take in to account the fact that higher the level the more the gains towards the producers of the brand or the owners of it in general (Blumenthal, 134-65).  

There is no doubt that the matter of brand awareness is the only way to go, if at all we need to surpass the low returns obtained from many products services or even companies that have not gone this way of brand awareness. For a company product or service to succeed fully in attaining the confidence of its consumers a broad perspective of brand awareness is expected to be taken for instance one may take it on even up to a global perspective. By definition a global brand is one that may be perceived to be giving the reflection of a given set of values around the whole world which is Africa. This is so considered for all the end products or even services are destined normally to Africa. With many consumers across different countries and cultures brands done globally tend to transcend much origins thereby creating strong enduring relationships with consumers across the divide. Term them global brands cause they are brands sold globally I mean “to the international markets. For instance brands on global markets “include Coca- Cola, McDonald’s, Marlboro,Levi’etc”One will find that the same brand name are used in selling similar product across many markets (Quart, 98-176).

If we are to take advantage of the dazzling development opportunities, the proceeding pave way for the increasing interest in brands globally. Take a look on the point economies of scale i.e. in terms of production and distribution. Also to its advantages is the reduction of the costs in marketing .For the point of laying future worldwide groundwork extension global branding is on the verge of expansion, and the relation of maintaining consistency in brand imagery drives a much “quicker identification and integration of innovations”. this is discovered world wide as in this case of global branding. Many factors when considered all tend to propose the move of global branding a s far as brand awareness is concerned (Lindstorm, 132-56).

On the other hand of branding, to put in to consideration is the branding that is done locally. What is meant by this is that it’s a brand made and is to be sold and even marketed “distributed and promoted” within or rather in a relatively tiny and constrained geographical region. In some extent one may term it as regional branding that is if at all the encompassed zone of practice is bigger than one metropolitan market. Also on the possibility is that the brand is meant or was meant for a given specified national market. Despite this brand awareness being the only way to a company product or even service to take towards winning the consumer confidence what’ s amazing is that this kind of branding is done by consumers other than producers. With the need to increasing media reach internationally, we appreciate the fact that the internet is with us and is accessible across many divides of  consumer globally. This a great support to this nature of branding done globally (Lindstorm, 132-56).

It takes much effort to implement such progress in entrepreneurship, all this comes with an aim of improving or advancing by creating, a global position on your company product or services as it pertains identity awareness. The possibilities of attaining this impacts I mean this impacts on a global or rather on a world wide perception .The chances are the ventures in this particular approach on branding are very promising towards their identities or rather brands being recognised and not only being recognised but being recognised internally in the world arena of company, product and service branding (Quart, 98-176).

Due to very many differences within countries to country among them corporate slogans,positionings,product names, product features and even marketing mixes which may include pricing its distribution, advertisement executes and media all this are factors hindering your way or ladder to rise in the upper limit to global branding. So many differences exist and all this existence is a barrier to the achievement of the relevant identity awareness needed by product company or service awareness. Among them that course resistance to the global branding motive is the language difference n many countries, also differences in communication and many more like cultural differences and also differences in consumption patterns (Lindstorm, 132-56).

What a task is to be done by any one ,a company management or a service provider director, who intends to make an impact on the global platform as far the identity of its services products and company generally is concerned. For us to make it in taking the attention and I mean full consumer attention much is to be done globally and even locally. Beyond any reasonable doubt there exist a much bigger difference between identity extension and general line extension, the former being that a current identity name is used to come in the market which is new as a segment of the market in the “existing product class, obtainable in new varieties flavours or sizes. Take a look on this picture in the time that Coca-Cola launched Diet Coke and cherry coke all stayed in the scope of the original product group; “on alcholiccarbonated beverages. Further in this conclusion to give the impressive need to venture in branding is a common case of Procter & GAMBLE(P&G) (Quart, 98-176).which took this same steps as coke by extending its robust lines or flanks “such as Fairy Soap) in to or within surrounding products (Fairy Liquid and Fairy Automatic)and to back up was washing detergents for dishes in this category too.

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