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Blood Politics

“For Cherokees, marriage is tied to social, racial, cultural, and national “reproduction” through the passage of Cherokee blood from one generation to the next. As a result, if Cherokees want their future offspring to identify themselves and to be identified by others as Cherokee, then they have to consider what type of blood mixture is socially acceptable (Sturm, 2002)”.

In the above statement, Circe Sturm summed up the present existence and future disappearance of a once proud and mighty nation. The Cherokee Nation is discovering that after centuries of matrilineal clans governing who can reproduce with whom, the pool is becoming increasingly small. It has become more and more difficult for the full-bloods to find a mate suitable for procreation. The ancient bloodline has been watered down by outsiders so often, that with every passing year, the pressure to admit only full-blood members grows. It once was a taboo to acknowledge people with sparse amounts of Cherokee blood. Now one- two thousand forty-eighth can get you admittance. How far will the percentage drop over the next 50 years? Will they be able to find any full bloods by then? I am sure some will endure, but in order for their race to endure as a whole, the acceptance process has to widen and there needs to be an increased focus on educating and nurturing all who desire to be considered Cherokee.

However, the Cherokee people have become just as racist and prejudicial as every other race on the planet. Every race wants to believe they are best and that mixed-breeding dilutes the sovereignty of the ancestors.  What kills a race of people faster than blood dilution is closing off acceptance to that race based on racist beliefs. Many may not agree with or care for the “freedmen”. However, by birth they are a part of that nation and closing the doors of community to one and all, you are running your society on minimal resources. However, the Cherokee Nation has fallen to the same racial profiling that limits every society on earth, leaving them no natural path to the future.

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