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Anticommunism and McCarthyism

Anticommunism and McCarthyism are political movements that existed in the United States. The movements have certain differences, and its specific effects on the citizens' rights. The media also had certain perspectives on the movements, and that the movements influenced the foreign policy decisions in the United States. Additionally, the Red Scare had serious consequences on the Americans' lives.

To start with, anti-communism is a political movement that campaigned against the formation of stateless and classless society where there is common ownership, and production. The movement also aimed opposed the idea of creating a society with free access to consumption articles and no private property and wage labor. In other words, this movement supported state control and stratification of the society. Ti was also against social, political, foreign and cultural policy (Viotti, 2006).

On the other hand, McCarthyism is a movement that entailed accusations of subversion, disloyalty and treason without paying attention to evidence. This also involved personal attacks and baseless allegations. McCarthyism aimed at eradicating traitors in the state through hearings, investigations or wire taping them. This movement was named after Joseph McCarthy who was highly influential in the fight against disloyalty in the federal government. In fact, with the help of the Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI), McCarthy managed to root out the unfaithful officials in the government in 1950 (Goldfield, 2006).

During their campaigns, the mass media played a key role in influencing the people's perspectives on the movements. The media supported the spread of McCarthyism movement by airing their campaigns and press release on televisions and radios and press clips. For example, it publicized the republican convention to attack the General Marshal, the Army General and some other famous government officials (Goldfield D, 2006). Besides, some of Joseph McCarthy's harassments were televised, and thus many people watched it and took their sides. Though the media was restricted, it continued to spread the movement in the country.

The US foreign policy had a great impact on the American people and the movements. For instance, the American foreign policy of Harry S. Truman and Dwight Eisenhower was highly influential. The foreign policy decisions The American foreign policy decisions were impacted by anti-communism, because it was the central stimulus for all foreign policy decisions which was to prevent Communist infiltration into the free world. The Truman Doctrine in the United States Policy aimed at containing communism where it existed. Another decision to aid democratic countries that were threatened by communism was the Marshall plan. The Truman doctrine also controlled the invasion of Korea by the communists and suppressed their powers (Viotti, 2006).

Because of the Red Scare, the Americans' lives changed a great deal. One major change in their lives is the violation of their freedom of and rights to privacy. This is because the test loyalties involved probing an individual to find out their loyalties. Moreover, Joseph McCarthy also crossed the line between the government security and the citizens' privacy. Moreover, Red Scare also turned the United States into a police state because it allowed authorities to violate its citizens' rights, and questioned the capitalistic system (Walker, 2011).

What is more, the citizens were also affected in that they grew fearful of the nuclear war and atomic bombs. It also brought about an undercurrent of anti-Semitism and Nativism, because many of the Communist Party members were Jewish. The Red Scare also made the world so insecure that it made many people conform because of fear of liberal ideas. The federal and state governments reacted to the attacks and the potential threats by creating investigating committees. Joseph McCarty chaired one of these committees hoping to end communist influence in the federal government (Walker, 2011).

In conclusion, anti-communism against on the creation of stateless and classless society that has neither private ownerships nor wage labor. On the other hand, McCarthyism is a movement that focuses on accusations of subversion, disloyalty and treason without paying attention to evidence. The media played a major role in the spread of the movements in the United States. The American foreign policy also greatly influenced the decisions made on the movements. Lastly, Red Scare affected the Americans' lives because it led to the violation of their rights to privacy, and caused a lot of fear and anxiety among them.

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