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A Successful Presidential Campaign

1996 presidential campaign Bill Clinton Vs Bob Dole

The 1996 presidential campaign was one of the best campaigns in the history of the United States of America politics. It was a successful campaign, which not only gave Bill Clinton his second term as the president of America, but it thrived through the global hardships of terrorism which threatened the United States of America. There was no repeat of the terrorism experienced in Clinton’s first term, the attack in the World Trade Centre (1993) and the attacks on the US army base in Saudi Arabia. The campaign in which the republican strongly challenged the democratic was a fight with tooth and nail but eventually Bill Clinton won his second term into the office as the president of the United States of America.

One can describe a good and great campaign in many ways. Mostly in a campaign involving the leadership role in leading a nation, heat and unforeseen circumstances may rise. An election campaign ruled by violence and uprising is doomed to wreck the political system of a country. Relations may also be affected, as other nations may perceive the nation in the unstable manner. A good and successful campaign is one in which leaders search for votes and popularity in a peaceful manner without eruption of crashes among competitors. The 1996 presidential campaign between Bill Clinton and Bob Cole was one of the most successful due to its stability experienced during the tough times in global leadership and power struggles.  Developing a good communication system between the political leaders creates a tender and warm atmosphere in which leadership will be discussed and political opinions regarding their agenda can be developed. The agendas of a campaign are straightforward and always put the needs of the common men in the driving seat.

There will not be a campaign without its fundamental principles and principles, which define their political agendas. The common agenda quality defines the goals of a campaign, therefore a common goal or having an objective is one of the founding fundamental factors of having a campaign. Goals in a campaign give us the way forward, the direction in which we will all follow towards achieving a set target or accomplishing a certain mission. Like in developing a presidential campaign, the goals should be realistic, direct and set on target of being accomplished (and not just to be seen and heard by opinionated politicizations to satisfy their needs). 

 A successful campaign should also be very credible that its goals are direct and clear as to why there is a campaign defining its objectiveness in the eyes of the common people. Credibility also draws the platform of pathway to achieve the set targets of the political agenda set in place. Having a transparency and credible goals motivates the campaign in the direct path. A campaign must have a directive in which all the set goals and objectives should be met. Like in the issue of security during the 1996 campaign, the Democratic campaign had measures ready in which they could enforce the foreign policy in developing security measures to protect the United States citizens from harm.

Finally, the success of a presidential campaign needs to develop comprehensive research in the field of its participation. Research will enable one to understand the basic principles, which govern the way people perceive their idol in the political arena, what is missing and if any change is required, where it should be based on. Therefore, researching and monitoring all the bases of the campaign enables political candidates to focus on the ground bases through research, interviews, data collection, and analyzing of the sorted and available information.

In the 1996 presidential campaign, the United States of America had a peaceful political climate but it was thriving through a lot of social and foreign based policies which were affecting it directly. In the case of the internal and international security over the borders always affected it both economically and relation wise. As the presidential seat campaigns got hotter, the threat level of internal terrorism increased creating an uncomfortable political climate, but due to the earlier established mechanisms, the elections were held peacefully.

The main issues of the campaign even in the debates were, generally, the compliance to the taxation system, and the ways its citizens should benefit with this new better taxation system. Medical and health care was also one of the most debated issues, which affected all the people: young or old, rich or poor, white or black. With the introduction of a good medical care system by the President Obama regime, its foundations were established by Bill Clinton’s successful campaign. Lastly, job security and security in perspective were among the many factors and agendas, which led to the Second term of Bill Clinton’s allocation. This campaign developed the aftermath of a successful political platform in the United States of America making everybody equal in the eyes of the political arena.

However even the successful campaigns have consequences and challenges in the society or even the nation at large. The competitors may see their defeat as challenge in the leadership seat hence it minimizes co-operation among the individuals. The 1996 presidential campaign has implied that many residents of the United States black or white, poor or rich are  able to work together under the common law in order to develop the goals and objectives that their leaders set in place. The campaign can also divide the community into different groups making the winner’s superior and the defeated inferior creating barriers among the society people, which may lead to crushes and hatred like in the case where there are many races in the community. 

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