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A National Government

1. The states might have resisted having a national government instead of 13 separate governments since they wanted to be independent. Being independent enabled them to control their own resources and choose their own leaders. By having a national government, they would not be sovereign, as they would depend on the national government for the formulation of policies.

2. The weaknesses of the confederation government included the one that the central government had no power to force the states to pay taxes or obey national law. In addition, the confederation failed to provide a national court system and thus it was difficult for citizens to obtain justice at the national level. States were also given the mandate of developing their own currency and this threatened trade between states since they did not have a common currency.

3. Checks and balances were designed so that the rights of the minorities could be protected. In 1973, Congress passed War Powers Act that limited the power of the President to send American troops to foreign countries without receiving approval from the congress. In the 1950s, racial segregation was common in public schools. In 1954, Chief Justice Earl Warren passed a decision that helped in desegregating public schools.

4. Bill of rights makes us a single people due to several reasons. It gives us the right of life. This makes it illegal for a person to take the life of another person since this is a crime prosecuted by the judicial system. In addition, it gives everybody the freedom of religion and thus a person cannot be discriminated because of his/her religious beliefs.

5. I agree with the statement. The French Revolution was a failure since it was only concentrated in Paris and resulted in many deaths of innocent people. Russian Revolution also caused disintegration of people. American Revolution was a success since it encouraged the American citizens to be free. In addition, everybody was involved in the revolution and this can explain the spirit of nation building that Americans have.

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