Writing a personal experience essay

       Its not very interesting to write about ones own self and the achievements that have been made but this is what one has to do in the personal experience essay.

The Curriculum vitae and the personal experience are quite similar in nature as both have the target of informing the reader about the achievements, professional skills and the awards that have been gathered. But it should be kept in mind that the personal essay is not as crisp and structured as the CV. In such an essay, one is not only required to simply mention the background but also elucidate further on it. A personal experience essay is a lot more descriptive and appealing than the CV because in the essay one gets the opportunity to speak more about oneself by providing evidence and experience to elucidate.

One has to invest a lot of time and effort to enrich the personal expression essay with as many captivating details as possible and it should also sound convincing and realistic. If one imagines that he will be gauged only on the basis of the essay, one will further put in more effort. Some personal tips to make the personal essay better are:

  • The essay should be creative. The essay should preferably begin with any quotation representing your life or any interesting story from your life
  • Elucidate upon the strengths you have. The main body content should be about the activities that you have been into and the personal experiences that you have gained in different spheres of life. And the content of the main body should highlight the strong points in your personality
  • The essay should be carefully structured. The organization of the personal experience essay will represent your responsible and organized character.

Personal experience essay is important both for the final credit and also for the evaluation of ones own self and the personal growth. Writing such an essay will give an in depth study of yourself and thus might work miracles in the life.

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