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Teachers, instructors, lecturers and professors are a class in themselves. Teachers, by nature are introspective, directive, cooperative and expressive. They have a tendency to pick the best. They also expect the same from students around them. They are of the opinion that every student has a capability to become one of the best. This is the reason that they try to appraise the inner potential. They also try to motivate students to achieve the best. Teachers have a tremendous organizational capability. Therefore, they expect similar time and event management from their students. They are educational leaders. Noble teachers have their interest focused in the personal growth of their students. Teachers consider students as their greatest priority. These traits make teacher more demanding.

       Teachers are more co-operating and understanding. If they surmise from the previous semester that students are capable of doing less, then they tend to maintain the volume of home assignment. If they find their students to be more intelligent and hard working, they tend to increase number and volume of assignment. If the analysis is incorrect or sampling is not proper then the batch of students may have to suffer with workloads of additional assignments. At this juncture, several students in desperation ask, "Can I pay someone to write my essay?"

       Students get assignment of written work in many subjects. These may be essay, term paper, dissertation, research paper, case study, book reports, book reviews and project reports. Some are 5 pages long and some may need 10 plus pages. It may be an oral report or written paper. Yet some other may require collection of information and putting the same in a systematic manner. As the degree of difficulty rises, one may be asked to carry out a serious research to substantiate their argument in the thesis. Many institutions give equal attention to the way an assignment has been formatted and styled. Yet, in some assignment there is stress for putting one's own idea and vision and strengthen the same with logical and informative argument. In this case a student is bound to try to pay people to write essays.

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         All students do not take birth with silver spoon in the mouth and fistful of dollars to squander. Several students do hard work as part-time job and earn money to further their education. Yet, there are several students who are the bread winner of their parents and family. They have time crunch. They may like to pay people to write essays.

       I was a student myself. I had problems with my language. I had the knowledge of the subject. I could discuss aggressively on any subject. But when it came to putting the same on paper, I used to ask, "Can I pay someone to write my essay?" I was fortunate. My seniors showed me the way to contact This writing service provides students with original essays to buy ONLINE.

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