Organizing an essay on Death Penalty

       The death penalty essay has to be very well framed stating both for and against the motion and satisfying the reader with your views. You should satisfy the reader with your views and ideas and present valid reasons. Each of your statement should be supported by the judgments.

This type of essay also follows the same pattern of essay writing. First comes the introduction part. Here the writer has to explain the meaning of death penalty in the terms of law and how various countries perceive death penalty. Introduction should also present the history of death penalty and the reasons for its emergence. Here the idea of giving capital punishment should also be stressed upon. The writer should also focus on various crimes and criminal activities which invites the death penalty to a person. Also it should mention if capital punishment can be redeemed or not?

Then the writer should move on to today’s scenario of death penalty and the take of different countries on death penalty. Also the writer should present facts and figures of capital punishment round the globe. There are many countries across the world which has abolished capital punishment. The writer should name such counties and reasons for their abolition. It should also take in account the countries where death penalty is still very prevalent and frequent in number and the type of government which awards such punishments. It should also include the conversations which take place in context with capital punishment of the eminent people across the globe.

The writer should discuss the pros and cons of the death penalty. He should present the view from the segment of people who believe that capital punishment should exist and other group of people who are in favor of abolition of death penalty. The writer should also present his own views regarding the topic. He should focus on the main topics for and against a particular topic.

Then the writer should perceive the future of death penalty. He should give the quotes of various people who have presented their views. Also the views of global leaders give an edge to the essay. Try to focus on the main details rather than focusing on the minute details. The future predictions depend on the forecast presented by various politicians, leaders, scientists and well known personalities across various nations of the world.

All the arguments and personal views form the main body of the essay. It should contain various paragraphs and important points should be highlighted.

Then comes the last bit of the essay. It comprises of the conclusion provided by the writer in context of the whole material presented above in the death penalty essay. You can also add personal experiences of the families whose members have been awarded death penalty by the governments. Also take a view of the lawyers and judges and their take on the topic.

You can also provide a small survey conducted across different strata of the society to know people’s view on this topic. This will enable you to write a good essay on death penalty.

Writing this essay is not a great task since it has a well developed system of writing and little efforts can reap fruits.  

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