When Listening to Music, What Do You Hear?

Arguably, when listening to music, most people are likely to concentrate on the composition of the music but not its performance. Additionally, in a number of cases, an individual can hear the pitch of the music and not the words that are being articulated. Resonance and dynamics are also some of the properties that can be heard in a song. When listening to Bessie Smith’s music, her voice appears to be more haunting hence filling every bit of her songs (Kapilow, 2008). Moreover, her songs always linger in the minds of the listeners even if she is not singing. Although there are some other musicians with similar sweet voices, Bessie is still able to provide an outstanding and definitive vocal in her songs.

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The singer also displays a lot of assurance and confidence by making her voice outdo those from the ordinary singers. This is a critical provision in the context of music and concert performances (Kapilow, 2008). In addition, the structure of her song is mainly simple and full of repetition which is very common with most of the artists-musicians who are specialized in singing blues. Bessie’s outstanding voice forms part of the melody while the piano is used to bring out harmony. Her vocal appears to be seductive with a good controlled voice. Conversely, Lady Gaga’s voice is a bit different from that of Bessie Smith. The vocal type of most of her songs is Mezzo-soprano with a verbal range of approximately 2.9 octaves.

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In addition, Lady Gaga possesses a more powerful and passionate voice compared to that of Bessie Smith. According to Witchel (2008), her songs also have some rock touch that can impress the audience. Unlike Bessie, her songs are more impressive with some nicely controlled voices. Her voice is slightly deep with a coherent diction; therefore, the message comes out very clear. Consequently, her mezzo-soprano voice sounds very clear and pronounced. Lady Gaga can change her voice when necessary by using her vocal technique, which is contrary to Bessie Smith. Her low notes are also widely supported since they have some dark, firm and weighty resonance (Wright, 2011). The mid-range is perceived to be melodic and lyrical in nature hence there is an excellent link between her voice and the musical beats.

Technologically, in her song, a pop singer has brought out some poor quality by using improper methods that make the sound produced rougher and raw as it comes out through the throat. Conversely, she has used high quality voice by mixing her voice with that of the head voice. Additionally, the sound a modern performer is producing appears to be stronger and brighter compared to that of Bessie Smith in this context. Lady Gaga has a robust and quick vibrato (Hoffer, 2012). Furthermore, she is able to sing without a strong vibrato at her own wish. This is contrary to the voice of the other singers who cannot change their voices at their own will.

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On the contrary, Lady Gaga’s music has some negative vocals. For instance, her high dashing sometimes sounds as if she is shouting hence the listeners are not able to understand some parts of her lyrics clearly. Moreover, this musician’s shouting sound may show that she has a bad singing technique. It can also indicate that she is not singing within own vocal range. Her range is totally different from others since she uses 4 octaves and 1 note. This is an important provision in the context of musical composition and voice training. The use of technology is also evident among the mentioned artists to enhance the performance of their voices on stage.

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