The Eagles

This is a rock band from America established in the year 1971, in Los Angeles, California. The band formation was by Meisner Randy, Fedler Don, Frey Glenn and Leadon Bernie. Walsh Joe, Henley Don and, Schmitt Timothy are the newest among the current band members. All the band members play the following roles in the constitution of the band. Randy did the vocals as well as the bass, in addition to playing the guitar, and the guitarron. Fedler did the vocals, in addition to playing the keyboard, the mandolin and guitar. Leadon did the vocals also, in addition to playing the banjo, the mandolin and guitar. The following members of the band presently take their roles as follows; Frey does the vocals, in addition to playing the keyboard, the harmonica and the guitar. Henley does the vocals also, in addition to playing the percussion, the guitar and drums. Joe still does the vocals, in addition to playing the keyboard, and the lead guitar. Timothy does the vocals as well as playing the acoustic guitar.

The background of eagle’s band members was full of turns and twists. The idea of forming the band came from Frey Glenn and Henley don while touring with the star singer Ronstadt Linda. Frey, a big country rock fan, managed to poach a number of guitarists from two major bands that occasionally played at the troubadour in the town of Los Angeles. The guitarists were Leadon playing for burrito flying brothers’ band and Randy playing for Poco rock band. The eagles were signed up in august the year 1971 after Geffen David; the asylum records founder heard the band members playing at Browne Jackson’s house, who was a rock singer.

            As at this time, the eagles had no hit records. The band added guitarist Fedler in 1974 and lost guitarist Leadon in 1975. After this loss, the eagles were desperately in search of a lead guitarist and they got Walsh a famous guitarist. With Walsh’s arrival, the band’s music changed to straight rock from country rock. After some years, randy left the band and was replaced by timothy from Poco band. The band’s music became better and, better and more hit songs were made. This led to eagle’s music being played all over the radio stations and led to its naming as the best rock band selling group of the 1970s. All this prosperity came to an end in the 80’s due to the animosity between Frey and Henley which surmounted to the eagles break- up. Many band members ventured into solo careers even though their fan base around the world was not contended. The band got back together towards the end of 1993 and hit the music road again with its tour dubbed “hell freezes over.” The air waves soon hit with the new eagles top best songs.

The band’s major music influencer to date is internal motivation of the band members. This is because although the band members were not superstars save for Joe Walsh, majority were good instrumentalists and this acted as their stepping stone to stardom. The other important aspect that influences the band’s music is the positive feedback the band receives from their audience and their fan base. Therefore, the appease rock listeners get from listening to eagles music motivates the band even produce better music.

The eagle’s band uses music as an instrument of conveying messages related to their listeners’ daily lives. The band’s love and life comments are so authentic and natural and thus, the listeners can easily identify the song's message with their own situations. The band’s music also inculcated in the youth positivity and creativity attitudes at such a time when the youths felt like outlaws during the 1970s. Thus, the music encouraged the youth to persevere during harsh political climate that prevailed. The music is devoted towards changing some stereotypes of people towards certain things and issues in life. For instance, the popular believe that people from the United States are some super beings whereas, in the normal sense, they are just but ordinary. Moreover, the music advocates for modesty in the way people relate to others especially the rich who seize every opportunity that comes by to brag to the have not’s about their fortunes. In addition, the band’s music is so enriching to their listeners in that the listeners are allowed to experience anger, hate, freedom and many other feelings all rolled up into one vinyl. The music also conveys warning to people hooked up to certain undesirable vices such as alcoholism and how the vice leads to deteriorated relationships.

Eagle’s band   music is categorized as popular music genre in the rock music fraternity. The genre developed in the U.S. and U.K, during and beyond the 1960s. The rock genre is rooted in the rock n roll of the 40s and 50s and is influenced heavily by country music. The music greatly emulated a number of genres, namely the folk and blues genre. Furthermore, influences were incorporated from other sources of music such as classical and jazz.

The eagles band music speaks to me through the authenticity employed in the songs composition. This has to do with the emotions evoked and conveyed, lyrics and sound of music. The eagle's music messages convey a lot of gravity in social matters, as well as the emotions evoked, are so profound. Moreover, the band’s innovativeness and uniqueness in its message delivery enhances the quality of what the music speaks.

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