The Coachella Music Festival

The Coachella Music and Arts festival is an annual event promoting various genres of music ranging from hip hop and rock music to the modern electronic music and visual art works such as sculptural art. This event, which commonly lasts for three days, is organized by Goldenvoice, and it is held at The Empire Polo Club which is situated in Indio, California, in the Coachella Valley. The event was founded in 1993 as a result of the Ticketmaster boycotting. The organizers selected a site well suited for large-scale rock’n’roll events, though it was located in a vast desert and, thus, the day temperatures were extremely high, reaching up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. For this reason, among many others, it took quite some time before the event was a success. However, the heat problem has been sufficiently curbed by appointing the event to be held during April, when the weather conditions are favorable, as it is already sunny but not too hot. Currently it attracts up to 75,000 spectators each day, and this may be attributed to the spectacular line-up of music artists from diverse genres gracing the different stages of the Coachella Music and Arts festival. Such artists include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Scarlett Johansson, Madonna, and Kanye West just to mention a few. The exhibitions of remarkable artworks also take place during these events, mainly represented by magnificently crafted sculptures, which end up giving the spectators not only the musical exposure, but instead the whole artistic package, both performing and visual art.

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Up until recent years the marketing of the Coachella Music and Arts Festival had been quite a difficult task. Though the event itself was captivating, it seemed to lack various aspects which would propel it to its current success. The emergence of diverse interaction forms, such as social media, has undoubtedly proved to be advantageous in the marketing strategies used by the organizers of this event to reach the target recipients. This mode of interaction with the ‘consumers’, in this case – the attendees, contributes towards the promotion aspect of the event. Promotion is one of the main pertinent marketing strategies in any venture. Social media can be utilized as a platform for instant communication with the target group. Most of the people, who attend this event, can be accessed through either Facebook or Twitter, which are currently among the leading social networks in the world, amongst other social media. The event organizers’ and marketers’ main tool in reaching the ‘consumers’ via the social media is ‘social media buzz’. This term is used to describe the fact that social media users are talking about the event and exchanging opinions with others. The higher the social media buzz, the higher the marketability of the products. In this case the product is the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Thus, various strategies should be undertaken to increase the number of people who are talking about the event. This may be done mainly through hype-up advertisements and interactive platforms between the organizers and the ‘consumers’. Such interactive platforms include social media web pages devoted to the event, whereby the ‘consumers’ will be in a position to offer comments and criticism and get back responses, thus ensuring feedback

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Another marketing plan for the Coachella Music and Arts Festival is to ‘have a little bit of something for everyone’. This means that the organizers should possess a high degree of flexibility when it comes to their target market. This is conducted offering a wide array of artistic works in terms of music genres and visual artworks. In this way, individuals who are not that intrigued with the performance art may be able to enjoy the beautiful sculptures and other various art forms. Furthermore, the music artists, gracing the stages of this event, are both old-school and new ones, a case example is The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Radio Head, both of which are phenomenal rock bands which possess a more mature fan base as compared to the modern artists and bands. In this way, the range of target audience age groups is rather wide and, thus, indiscriminative. This increases the size of potential audience. Furthermore, in recent years the organizers have also managed to include more family-friendly content and, thus, unlike the past, whereby concerts and similar festivities were regarded  to be suitable only for the middle aged individuals, nowadays such events present a more suitable setting for the whole family, thus boosting their marketability.

Another marketing strategy is the provision of camping space for the visitors, who may  choose to camp the whole three days of the event. The camping site provided is located in the actual zone of the event. This proves to be quite advantageous to individuals, who travel from afar to attend this event, as they need not worry about matters pertaining accommodation during the three day period. Furthermore, it tends to be an inexpensive way for the clients to enjoy themselves while at the same time providing a sense of thrill. The vast space provided by the Coachella Valley is sufficient enough to accommodate the audience comfortably.

The event organizers further encourage sustainability of the environment by offering various incentives to promote environmentalism. Such incentives include: the 10 for 1 program, whereby individuals are offered a bottle of fresh water for every 10 empty bottles they hand back; another incentive includes the rewarding of people who carpool to the event with VIP passes and so on. Such activities assist to reduce the amount of detrimental factors aimed at the environment both in the camping sites as well as the general area, where the event takes place. The tickets price range for the event is quite reasonable. It ranges from $280 for general admission to up to $600 for VIP access. The setting of a reasonable, yet sustainable, ticket price is also a considerable marketing strategy. Exorbitant prices tend to significantly reduce the number of potential fans likely to attend the event, and, thus, the organizers opted to have marginal profits per ticket. But, on the other hand, they tried to cumulatively generate a market sustainable net profit, as opposed to high prices per ticket with a cumulatively low net profit.

Irrefutably, in a general perspective, the Coachella Music and Arts Festival has attributed its gargantuan marketability success mainly to technological advancements. This can be clearly indicated by analyzing its success rate over the past five years as compared to the period of its inception.

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