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Sound Truck Report

Evita is a musical production with music by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd. It is about the life of an argentine politician and socialist Eva Peron. The story is about her works of charity work, rise to power, early life, and eventual death. Evita features the lyrics do not cry for me Argentina. This is a song from the 1978 musical with music by Andrew Lloyd and lyrics by Tim rice. In the movie, it has featured American singer Madonna who recorded her version of the song in her starring role of the 1996 film. Evita is a political musical piece. The bio musical gave a clearer picture of the character of Eva Peron. The music and the dancing have added charm and great enactments of the 1940-1950 argentine politics. The song ‘you love me’ re-unites the composer and the lyricists after more than a decade of cold war. It presents Eva Peron, the first lady of Argentina, as a woman who had some emotions and who is afraid in front of her imminent death. It is recorded as a dance remix with Miami mix versions that included lyrics sung in Spanglish and English. The music enhances the tension and energy in the movie. Evita features the motions in the dancing, in the acting and also in the music. This helps enhance the dialectics and underlines what the viewers are supposed to feel as they watch the movie. It also enhances what is expected of the author to feel monitoring our reactions to what goes on in the screen.

Musical performance tells a story through a combination of dances, spoke dialogue, and songs. There is almost no dialogue in the movie. Almost every part is sung or recited. This helps to hold interest all through the movie. Tone and humor are often created in the background of music. The musical used employs an assorted range of styles. The use of classical music in Evita is seen in the opening choral piece, ‘requiem for Evita’ and in the choral interlude in ‘oh what a circus’. Instrumental passages are also seen such as the orchestral version in the ‘lament’ and in the introduction to “don’t cry for me Argentina.” Rhythmic Latino styles are also heard in pieces such as “Buenos Aires.” Ballads include “adored, high flying and another suitcase in another hall. The rock music is done in “oh what a circus” and in “Peron last flame.” Most of the rhythms used are offbeat probably to reflect the public’s expectations today. There is a wide-ranging collection from complete rock, cacophony, fox-trot, blues, tango, ballades, and hymns. Most of the songs done, start on high note giving different impressions. For instance, the omnipresent role played by Antonio Banderas. He is the voice of reason but sings on very high note obliging him to sing in a breathy falsetto.

            The musical instruments used in Evita are diverse. The single piano is used in “you must love me”; full orchestra for, “don’t cry for me Argentina.” Electric guitars are also used in rocks and also throughout the play. Evita was more than the life story of one person. It was a general statement that a musical opera can be successful even with today’s viewers. The music instruments used in Evita enhanced the harmony and rhythm of the movie. The use of the Spanish language in some songs and the guitars helped bring about the culture of the Argentine people. The soundtracks include dialogue and sound effects. Classical music in a combination of jazz, pop and rock helps create a lively mood in the movie. The movie was a great unique piece because of the music. It can however get boring at some point as one expects it to slow down and get to the norm. Use of music should be done carefully as it could determine the parting line between good and bad film. Music is one of the most important elements of a film. It enhances dialogue, lighting, montage and set design. A good soundtrack will go down to the soul of the listener and makes the movie more enjoyable to the end. For someone creative looking for a lively and thrilling piece of art it is an all time must watch.

The Eagles Jazz by Toni Morrisson
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