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Somebody’s Me by Enrique Iglesias

The complexity and challenges in life necessitate human interaction and associations. A person can only be understood if he or she is able to express him or herself in such a way that other people can understand. Therefore, communication is critical in understanding a person’s beliefs, philosophies, lifestyle, affiliations, and personal preferences. Though humans attempt to put across their thoughts or ideas in coherent verbal or written forms, in most instances these methods may not have the desired impact on the audience. While these forms of expression vary significantly, the effectiveness of each method depends on the delivery and receptiveness of the audience.

Hence, my preference of music as the best way to describe my passions, desires, wishes or regrets, is widely acknowledged by many. Music characterizes the unspoken truths, which cannot be described in coherent and concise expressions. Music appeals to the soul, describing issues that are able to affect one’s life. I may not be consciously aware of some of these issues, but on hearing the lyrics of a song, the appeal, and the contextual reality of the theme makes music the optimal device of self-description, expression, and appreciation. Music characterizes the universal means of communication whereby all human beings are able to express themselves without prejudice of origin, sex, religion, class, or philosophy; hence, music represents the universal mode of self-expression.

Therefore, like for all human beings, relationships are a significant aspect of my life. In order to appreciate the extent of my passion and desire for intimate relationship, the song, “Somebody’s Me” by Enrique Iglesias comprehensively describes my inner feelings towards my life’s choices in love and relationships. The song depicts the past, the present, and the future of a man. It illustrates the history of a relationship, where the singer regrets to have lost his love due to human deficiencies and shortcomings.

The song’s lyrics take a poetic aspect where it uses repetition of words and phrases to stress a point. The song’s rhythm is built on consonant repetition of key words that reveals the song’s purpose, message, and feelings to be passed to the audience. For instance, the repetition of the words, “somebody” and “you,” and the phrase “somebody’s me” (Iglesias n. p.) in the chorus steers the listener towards the relationship, existing between the singer and mysterious character of the song. Enrique creates a somber mood, alerting the listener to the singer’s anguish, loss, and hope for the future changes. The lyrical integrity of the song aims at appealing to the individual’s empathetic side, while the musical score of the lyrics creates sad feelings of loss and regret over one’s mistakes. The song’s lyrics are written with the aim of speaking to a specific person and describing the concealed feelings of all lovers; those who have been loved and lost this feeling; those are in love, and those who hope to find love someday.

The song describes human deficiency of failing to appreciate the bellowed ones; it asserts that people regret only when the one, who has cared and loved them, leaves. It is critical to observe that Enrique Iglesias describes the need and desire to find love; therefore, through his songs, he unwittingly cautions against taking love for granted. The song asserts that love is an inherent feature of human nature; thus, love should be nurtured, appreciated, protected, and given room to grow. The song illustrates the omnipotent nature of love to affect a person; for instance, Enrique Iglesias puts it, “Somebody can’t breath, without you it’s lonely” (Iglesias n.p.). This line illustrates the misery of losing love and the pain it causes. The song paints life as lacking luster, painful and regretful existence; these can be seen where the singer sings, “I hate being on my own… I really fell, and am going through hell” (Iglesias n.p.) The significant of a partner is crucial in an individual’s life; however, if a person does not appreciate his or her love, they are most likely to be appreciated by others who will value them; this is depicted by the singer’s regret, “thinking about you with somebody else” (Iglesias n.p.). In spite, of the singer’s loss, he remains hopeful for his love’s realization and acceptance of his affections.

The song is an insight into human relationships; hence, it makes me think, reappraise, and appreciate people in my life. The song teaches a lesson where it reveals the potential regrets that may arise in the future, because of the actions taken in the present. Therefore, it is essential to approach life with a long run perspective, and remember that each decision and action is able to affect our lives and determine the future. The song illustrates the aspects of life, which depict the vulnerability of relationships. Relationships are a critical aspect of human existence; therefore, the absence of passion, affection, love, or flame causes a miserable and lonely life. Thus, acceptance and recognition are described as the most significant part of person’s existence. The theme of the lost love in the song describes my personal experience; it reminds me of past mistakes and cautions me from repeating the same ones in the future. The song forewarns against disregarding any people in my life. The lyrics, tone, and rhythm inspires sad feelings in my soul, making me experience regret over the people I may have lost or let go, because of my own actions. While inspiring me to accept others in my life, the song offers a crucial insight into love itself, its power, and effects on individuals.

I could not appreciate pop music before the end of my relations in 2008. A friend opted to mock my decision to end the relations by sending me Enrique Iglesias’s single “Somebody’s Me”. However, in spite of my friend’s intentions, the song had a significant impact on me. My interest in pop music was instantly piqued, creating an ardent devotee of Enrique Iglesias’ music in me. My passion for this kind of music depicts me as a romantic person, whose views have been criticized by a number of my peers as unrealistic, in particular, my advocacy for the second chances. In spite of mistakes being committed that may lead to termination of intimate relationships, most people do not believe in forgiveness and instead supports retribution or other vengeful actions. However, my admiration of Enrique’s music, including “Somebody’s Me,” has led to me being branded as a naive and dreamy individual. People think that they discard everything what they do not need or want; however, it is my view that sometimes people discard what they need the most; they come to this realization when it is too late. While my observations are regarded as unrealistic by most people, they concur that should they be in such a situation when they lose a beloved one because of their own mistake, they would ask for forgiveness.

Enrique Iglesias in the song, “Somebody’s Me” has summed up the most passionate of human emotions. Love, whether lost, unrequited, realized, or unrealized is a powerful aspect of human nature and prompts individuals to undertake extraordinary steps. Therefore, as powerful as the theme described by the song is, the emotions and feelings elicited by the song regardless of the audience, whether young or old, rich or poor, love is a singular commonality that unites people of all lifestyles into humanity.

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