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Serious Music

Artmusic refers to musical traditions that implies advanced theoretical and structural considerationsand on paper musical tradition. The conception of art music is a regular and well definite musicological distinction. Generally, art music is different from popular music though there are examples of some works or styles that cross that border and are included in both categories. For purposes of demonstration, one illustration of this would be Rhapsody in Blue that was writtenby George Gershwin. This piece is printed in formal details and is also performed as in print, as with conventional music, and is in general considered to be in the dominion of modern classical music.

Nevertheless, its echo includes elements of blues and jazz, becoming popular in the mass market as a job of known music while obviously it relics in art music as well (Schumann, 1988). Other border crossing illustrations are the symphonies of post-minimalist artists Glenn Branca and Rhys Chatham, which are printed pieces as well as illustration of experimental rock. With this music Branca and Chatham combine the melodious aesthetics of conventional tune with the aesthetics of punk rock.

The quality of the music corresponds to its taste. Quality music can subsist in any form of style. It involves everything to do with allocation. This is because the means for certain subjects or styles is the thoroughfare by which artifacts are dispersed. The monetary beneficiaries of circulation— publishers, dealers, collectors—naturally would wish to manipulate the means as if customs were the wear of women, which indeed it slightly tends to become. But the civilization market, but-tresses as it is by sacred historians and scholars who do not distribute the profits, resists brutal or hasty manipulation.

People should note that popularity of the music is not an issue and concentrate with its quality. The system should therefore be open to allow more diverse kind of music to also become popular.

Benny Goodman Leonard Bernstein: Rhapsody in Blue
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